Audience Analysis

Improve customer segmentation with people-centric data.

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The best segmentation strategies are based on people, not clicks. Zoomph’s Audience Analysis helps you go beyond cookie-based data and adapt your marketing to your consumers' real-time interests and lifestyles.

Get Relevant and Precise Data

Audience Analysis works in tandem with our Audience Builder. Define a custom audience on Builder, then receive an aggregate report on your consumers’ demographics, top interests, and real-time behaviors for smarter segmentation.

You can also launch a digital campaign with our Microsite Builder to unlock deep analytics around your campaign leads.

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Discover Psychographic Data

Learn what drives your consumers to make a purchase, or analyze the motivations behind your campaign audiences. Audience Analysis crunches over 102 billion social signals to determine attitudes across 190 default interests and traits. Get data that’s not only specific to your target consumers, but also auto-updates to reflect your consumers’ most recent behaviors and expressions.

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Identify Unique Qualities

View Audience Analysis through ‘skew’ mode to see what stands out about your audience. ‘Skew mode’ compares your target audience to a baseline audience, and highlights the characteristics that are most unique to them. Analyze these dimensions to craft highly targeted content that has a long-term impact.

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