Perfect Your Pitch

Gather relevant insights and close business faster with powerful audience analytics

Your agency has little time to impress prospects, so your pitches need to be meaningful right off the bat. Zoomph enriches the research process by providing deep insights around your prospects' target audiences.

  • Customize your research
    Gain data that's fully tailored to your prospect's real-world audience by defining custom categories and audiences to analyze.
  • Go beyond basic data
    Drill down into an audience's brand affinities, traits, or sentiment across 190+ interests. Zoomph crunches data from social media and our first-party database to understand consumers from a human lens.
  • Pinpoint the right opportunities
    Compare an audience to the rest of social media or to another specific audience to identify what makes them different. Propose campaigns that target their unique interests.
  • Pitch a longterm, data-driven strategy
    Use dynamic audiences and real-time listening capabilities to track consumer behavior over time. Prove to potential clients that you can keep up with ever-changing consumer preferences.

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