Zoomph Microsite Builder

made with ease, speed, and data in mind

The secret to a great microsite isn’t simply in the design. It’s in the data you’re able to collect around your visitors to refine your marketing.

Zoomph’s Microsite Builder is a beautifully simple tool for publishing microsites that return rich audience insights. Craft stunning webpages for your online contests, product launches, or web content—then leverage social login to access data around your visitors’ preferences, interests, and more.

Build a campaign in four steps:

  1. Launch a custom microsite.
  2. Effortlessly build a mobile-responsive webpage using our designer-made templates and drag-and-drop modules. Add advanced features, like parallax scrolling, without having to code.

  3. Integrate social login
  4. Include social media login on your site to capture visitor information, and to automatically find your consumers inside our database of a quarter of a billion enriched profiles.

  5. Gain deep audience data
  6. Explore your visitors’ demographics and psychographics. Our platform crunches over 102 billion social signals to determine affinities, relationships, and behaviors for you.

  7. Optimize and Convert
  8. Fine-tune your microsite to your visitors’ interests, or integrate our audience data into your CRM to enrich your customer intelligence.

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