Influencer Discovery and Associations

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Find brand ambassadors and expand your influence.

We believe that influence is gradually earned around topics that you have expertise in. Our approach to measuring influence is ZPoints®, a context-sensitive algorithm that judges influence based on the units of attention a post generates over time.

Find micro-influencers with real clout

ZPoints® look beyond follower count and measure influence by the actual stickiness of a person's posts. Track content across Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more via a custom feed. Zoomph will score influencers on a post-by-post and aggregate basis, then rank authors with the most-engaged audience in the conversation.

Connect with the right influencers

Make sure your influencers attract people with a real need for your brand. Zoomph's follower analytics break down the demographics and common interests of entire follower lists, helping to ensure that your influencers don't just look the part, but actually engage the right audiences.

Know what brands they already like

Approaching influencers can be tricky without knowing their core interests or aspirations. Use our association reports to to see which brands they regularly engage with online; learn what products or benefits appeal to them, and discover what incentivizes them besides money.

Monitor how influence grows over time

Create custom feeds that track influencers or view engagement reports around their handles. Leverage our content-scoring tools to see how the frequency and type of posting affects engagement. How active are your influencers compared to others in the field? Are their promotional posts yielding healthy ROI?

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