Social Hubs

Need a powerful way to feature your brand story?

There's a part of your brand's story that only your customers can tell. Let them convey their top brand experiences on a rich social hub.

Fan Experience Highlights – Spotlight UGC

Your fans publish great content and testimonials. Create engaging campaigns by incorporating UGC into your social hub.

Branding – Customize your social hub

Outfit your hub to match your branding and appeal to your customers. Choose from our beautiful ready-made themes or tweak the HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

Content Curation – Pinpoint the most influential content & people with ZPoints®

Sort through content by Author, Topic, Pictures, Tags and more. ZPoints® helps you automate your influencer search process by ranking an author’s content in relation to a certain topic.

Engagement Data – Capture useful campaign data

See how engaging your social hub is. Gain the most up-to-date information on your user demographic, affinity, and behavior data, along with content performance.

Monetization – Turn content directly into sales

Using Zoomph's AdSync feature, add custom CTAs directly to the social items featured in your hub. Visitors can immediately buy what they see and like.

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