Advanced Social Media Search

Looking for a way to search & analyze the social web?

Deploy advanced social search tools from a basic phrase search to our proprietary advanced fuzzy search. Don’t be overwhelmed by the all the social media clutter and noise. Hone in on the data that matters to your brand.

Industry Search – Stay ahead of your competition

Track competitors' handles and hashtags, and learn in-depth details about their overarching marketing strategy and campaign tactics.

Trend Search – Identify new patterns and trends

Is your audience sentiment shifting? What’s the hot topic they’re mentioning? Easily keep up with emerging trends.

Influencer Discovery – Pinpoint the most influential content & people with ZPoints®

Sort through content by Author, Topic, Pictures, Tags and more. ZPoints® helps you automate your influencer search process by ranking an author’s content in relation to a certain topic.

Geo Targeting & Geo Fencing – Target audiences across the globe

Whether it be a specific region or an event, refine your monitoring with location parameters.

Filtering – Discard spam and undesired content

Don’t let social media clutter overwhelm you. Get precise insight to help you make informed business decisions.

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