How the Portuguese Football Federation Used Zoomph to Grow and Involve Their Fan Base


The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) is the Portuguese entity responsible for the coordination, promotion, and development of football activities in Portugal. This ranges from grassroots to the highest level of competition for the country. Their main objective is to continuously grow the total number of football athletes in the country of Portugal. In order to help enhance fan base engagement through campaigns during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, FPF partnered with Zoomph, the leading social measurement and UGC content generation platform.


Launching their fan club prior to a major football event, the World Cup 2018, FPF needed to be able to respond quickly to contests and fan engagement activities prior to each match for the Portuguese National Team. They knew from previous experience, they were going to need help, especially with the intensity of this event and the rise of fandom for the team in recent years.


Through Zoomph’s platform, they were able to quickly launch different campaigns where fans could participate and win prizes and unique experiences. With the data, they were able to collect deep data, improve segmentation of the fan base, and overall more authentic results. FPF strives on developing and maintaining a close relationship with its fan base, and Zoomph’s campaigns allowed the organization to responded instantly to market reply and demand, providing contests for each team match.

“We believe one of the key success factors of the fan club is the engagement it promoted and provides. With Zoomph, we can develop an idea and launch it the same day. This has helped not only engage the fan club, but grow the fan club, which has exceeded what we initially set out to do with Zoomph.”
Estela Lucas
Customer Knowledge Manager

FPF attributed the biggest improvement and cost saved being the time in building campaigns and what they’ve been able to do with this extra time. Since the campaigns were already built for them, they just needed to add specific customization to the gathering process and then it was straight to launching. Not having to build the campaign from scratch allows them to focus more on what is being gathered and creating value in that. The insight the campaign provides allows the organization to find who the most “attractive” fans are and find the error margin in forms that didn’t have a fan ID to total forms.

In the end, FPF has been able to keep fans involved and bring them closer to the teams in hopes of having more people playing football and more tickets and merchandise sales.

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