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Key Features

1. Social Network Integration

Zoomph partners with major social media powerhouses like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and now RSS feeds which means that you can now pull in top user-generated content from popular social networks AND blogs!

2. Notify and Engage

Influencer engagement does not stop with just discovering influencers. Our capabilities delve deeper by letting you notify and engage with top influencers right from the platform with a single click!

3. Track Your Campaign Success

Running social campaigns without monitoring its health is like driving with your eyes closed – you never know where you’ll land up in the end. With Zoomph you can measure your social campaign at every stage to learn about what’s working and what’s not, and how you can improve.

4. Real-Time Moderation

Gain insight on what your fans are saying about your brand in real time. Moderate user-generated content with a click of a button or a quick swipe on your phone to power your social walls with the most influential posts, ranked by ZPoints™.

5. Make It Your Own

Tell your own brand story your way! The Zoomph platform gives you the flexibility to develop custom templates for your social media visuals with the user-interfaces that you choose. Get complete access to edit the HTML/CSS of our out-of-the-box visuals. You can even write your own custom JavaScript for custom visuals for the ultimate in flexibility.

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