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The basic rule of implementing a solid social media strategy is to understand everything you possibly can about your target audience. The Zoomph Hashtag Report helps you do all that and a lot more. Instantly tap into all social media conversations surrounding your brand in real-time, analyze hashtag activity, discover most engaging pieces of content and make smarter social decisions.

Uncover relevant insights – including a side-by-side comparison of the top hashtags associated with your brand, demographic breakdown, and popular keywords.

1. Activity over Time

Monitor the activity generated by your search over time, to understand when your audience is most active and more importantly, what is triggering that engagement.

2. Real-Time Statistics

Learn about the exact number of people you reached through your hashtag campaign and evaluate your progress in real-time through an easy, one-glance view dashboard.

3. Audience Demographics

View detailed demographics on your audiences - find out if your audience is male-dominant or female-dominant, baby boomers or millennials, Gen-X, or Gen-Z and what ethnicity they belong to.

4. Top Word Associations

Get exact breakdown of trending keywords, hashtags and handles generated around your brand.

5. Top Networks

Find out which social platform is attracting the most attention from your audiences so that you can focus your social efforts on the right channels.

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