Emoji Analytics

Leap ahead of your competition, start tracking the fastest growing language in history.

Did you know that more than 92% of the online population use emojis to communicate?

With decreasing character limits and attention spans, the use of emojis is increasing at an unprecedented pace. Emojis help consumers express themselves and create personal and unique connections with each other. Track emojis with Zoomph – the first-of-its-kind influencer marketing platform that decodes emojis to help understand your audience’s emotions, preferences and sentiments in real-time. Discover which emojis are preferred by men, women, millennials, and baby boomers and which emojis are being associated with your brand the most.

Tracking emojis can help you:

  • Analyze Target Audiences
  • Understand Audience Demographics & Sentiments
  • Measure Influence For Your Brand
  • Geo Target Audiences Based On Emoji Popularity

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