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You and I wake up to social media everyday. It's rapidly evolving the way we market and enrich our businesses. And yet, proving its value to our teams can still be tricky. Let our reporting translate your efforts into easy-to-understand numbers to showcase the power of real-time data and community management to your organization.

Key Benefits

1. User Affinities

Get a 360-degree picture of your influencers by learning about their favorite brands and interests to tailor marketing strategies that suit their personas.

2. Workflow Automation

Automate repetitive tasks from your daily schedule to make time for other important tasks.

3. Emoji and Hashtag Analytics

Emojis and Hashtags have emerged as the new language of social media, and we want to help you decipher the message behind each one of them.

4. Instagram Analytics

Discover your followers’ interests, identify top content, and monitor audience growth over time. Leverage our in-depth Instagram analytics to understand your audience’s demographics, geo-location, hashtags and emojis.

5. Social Media Widgets

Give an instant lift to your online communities with Zoomph’s social media widgets. Take advantage of all the ‘NOW’ moments surrounding your brand by incorporating our user-generated and streaming content-aggregation widgets.

6. Analyze Social Behaviors

Understand what times during the day your audience is most active to schedule social content. Monitor, compare and optimize links by tracking virality and stickiness of all URL’s that are associated with your brand. Zoomph’s link tracking feature lets you measure links based on the velocity with which they are trending in social conversations so that you can amplify the fastest travelling ones during their momentum.

See what Zoomph Hashtag Analytics can do for you. Sign up for a free trial today or click to learn more about our complete analytics suite.

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