Deep Audience Analytics

for understanding your customers as real people

Consumers are quick to dismiss messaging that’s too general. But many brands still struggle to understand their audiences outside of their transactions.

Zoomph equips you with tools to scale and customize customer research. By crunching data from social media and our proprietary database, our platform returns insights around your existing audience and helps you engage them according to their real-life interests, behaviors, brand affinities, and more.

  • Real-time segmentation: Define custom audiences or upload existing marketing lists for analysis
  • Interests & traits: Gain insights across 190+ default interests and traits, or across categories that you define
  • Brand affinities: Discover the competitors or other brands that your consumers engage with online
  • Celebrity affinities: Identify influencers and stars who matter to your customers and influence their decisions
  • Comparison & benchmarking: Compare one segment against another or against all of social media to see what differentiates them


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