How the Cowboys partnered with Zoomph to help measure and increase sponsorship revenue.


The Dallas Cowboys top the list of the most valuable sports teams in the world and have fostered an environment focused on improvement in hopes of retaining that ranking for years to come. Their team is continuously looking to set the standard for innovation in the NFL. To do that, they’ve partnered with Zoomph, the leading social measurement and sponsorship prospecting tool.


The Cowboys Corporate Partnerships team was in need of an easy way to quantify and measure the value of their social media assets, often having to rely on manual social data collection for partnership reporting.

“Before Zoomph, we had worked tirelessly to quantify the awareness that our sponsored campaigns were generating from a value perspective.”
Scott Erdmann
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships

“When approaching potential sponsors, we are now able to showcase campaigns that received millions of impressions in a week, and the exact dollar value that it brought campaign sponsors, giving clear examples of what type of results they can expect from their sponsorship investment with the Cowboys,” said Erdmann.


The Cowboys also leveraged Zoomph’s custom campaign templates, which offer unique sponsorship revenue options and have allowed the team to run sponsored UGC campaigns effortlessly. These opened up a whole new avenue of sponsorship opportunities which drove thousands of fan contact submissions to partners and a significant increase in sponsorship revenue.

Finally, Zoomph’s audience affinity tools have brought an entirely new set of capabilities to the team. They’ve been able to better understand the audiences that make up their fan base, enabling them to optimize their sponsorship prospecting process, resulting in better-aligned partners and higher performing campaigns.

“Zoomph has made this process so much easier, giving us a wealth of knowledge about our customer following and real data to make decisions with and a wealth of knowledge about our customer following. Overall, the biggest difference has just been having access to data that we never had before and unparalleled customer support from the Zoomph team.” said Erdmann.

After a few months of working with Zoomph, new business, sponsorship revenue, and sponsored campaign engagement have all significantly increased.

“From attracting new business, to retaining existing sponsors, Zoomph’s ability to quantify social campaign value has enabled us to fully maximize our partnership opportunities and revenue,” said Erdmann.

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