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Top Influential Brands on Twitter by Industry—ZIndex March Recap

Who were March’s movers and shakers? Zoomph’s real-time industry tracker, ZIndex, ranked the biggest brands on Twitter, comparing competitors and monitoring seasonal trends.

This month we saw how important brand partnerships are for campaigns in the beauty and cosmetics industry, as well as in sports retail. In our analysis of the Dow, we observed Twitter respond to several factors and events that had significant implications for the financial market. The NFL remained a hot topic in March following the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, the tech industry exhibited the impact of influencers, even with just a handful of tweets.

Below is a rundown of the social data describing the activity, influence, and demographics of the top brands in several industries:


Cosmetics & Beauty

Overview Stats: 229.9K total tweets, 127.6K unique authors, 1.9B impressions, 150K people engaged

Most Mentioned Brands in ZIndex:

Zoomph Cosmetics ZIndex March 2017. Competitive intelligence. Trend monitoring. Audience and demographic assessment.

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Top 15 Influencers:@MakeupForWOC, @hungvanngo, @ultabeauty, @CW_Riverdale, @Rocioceja_, @Weddingmagazine, @JeffreeStar, @urbandoll, @lipsticktv, @thisisinsider, @vivifeyes, @HEARTDEFENSOR, @MahoganyLOX, @IvyKungu, @DUALIPA

Overview Demographics:

  • 85% female, 15% male authors tweeting about cosmetics & beauty
  • 70% White, 10% Hispanic, 9% Black, 8% Asian
  • 54% Millennial, 25% Gen X, 11% Baby Boomer, 10% Gen Z

Top 8 Hashtags: #crueltyfree, #vegan, #riverdale, #makeup, #contest, #beauty, #bbloggers, #myperfectworld

Top Tweet:

Zoomph InZights:


The top emojis were ?, ?, and ✨. The ? emoji was the most used emoji by almost 70% more than ?. In fact, the count of emojis that included some form of a heart—e.g., ❤️, ?, and ? —expressing extremely positive sentiment totaled more than 40K. This data was supported by our sentiment analysis of the tweets.

Brand Partnerships

Two of the top five tweets were posted by retailers @Nordstrom and @ultabeauty as they were promoting @BobbiBrown and @MACcosmetics, respectively. @Nordstrom leveraged its following of over 758K followers to lift @BobbiBrown into March’s top five.

@Nordstrom’s Twitter Follower Report revealed that its Twitter audience was similar to that of @BobbiBrown’s: both attracted largely female followers who were associated with some of the same third-party brands, and shared the same positive and negative affinities towards those brands. The story was the same with @ultabeauty and @MACcosmetics. In both instances, companies strategically partnered with brands that attracted similar followers and could help broadened their reach among that niche audience.

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Dow Jones

Overview Stats: 203.7K total tweets, 29.8K unique authors, 1.4B impressions, 36.1K people engaged

Most Mentioned Brands in ZIndex

Zoomph Dow Jones ZIndex March 2017. Competitive intelligence. Trend monitoring. Audience and demographic assessment.

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Top 15 influencers: @philstockworld, @KimDotcom, @ElixiumBitcoin, @FoxBusiness, @ElixiumCrypto, @WDFx2EU89, @androsForm, @financialbuzz, @businessinsider, @appleinsider, @CNBCnow, @NASDAQ, @CNBC, @MarketWatch, @StockTwits

Overview Demographics:

  • 69% male, 31% female authors tweeting about Dow Jones
  • 72% White, 10% Hispanic, 9% Black, 9% Asian
  • 46% Millennial, 31% Gen X, 15% Baby Boomer, 8% Gen Z

Top 8 Hashtags: #vrai777, #apple, #tech, #stocks, # ℑnnovate, #microsoft, #trading, #intel

Top Tweet:

Zoomph InZights:

Phil Davis’ Analysis

Phil Davis (@Philstockworld), who was also February’s top influencer in the Dow Jones feed, focused his top tweets on markets reacting to the rate hike by the Federal Reserve at its March 15 meeting, reports of the U.S. oil inventory increasing while the demand for gasoline decreased, and other movement within the financial markets. He owned 14 of the top 15 tweets in the Dow Jones feed, generating over 11.5K retweets and 9K likes.

Apple & the CIA

@KimDotcom worked his way up to the second spot on the Dow Jones influencer list with just three tweets. His tweets expressed extremely negative sentiment about $AAPL, as news broke concerning the CIA hacking Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft devices.


Conversation around oil trended in the ZIndex Dow Jones feed at the beginning of the month, with a couple related tweets receiving high engagement. @Philstockworld offered his analysis on the decreasing demand for oil in the U.S. and the potential changes that could be enacted on fuel efficiency standards by the new presidential administration. Meanwhile, ExxonMobil ($XOM) announced its $20B investment in U.S. Gulf refining projects. This announcement followed its quarterly earnings report and its pledge to expand operations by increasing this year’s spending by 16%.

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Overview Stats: 2.8M total tweets, 687K unique authors, 23.6B impressions, 824.3K people engaged

Most Mentioned Brands in ZIndex

Zoomph NFL ZIndex March 2017. Competitive intelligence. Trend monitoring. Audience and demographic assessment.

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Top 15 Influencers: @NFL, @SportsCenter, @AdamSchefter, @Patriots, @FCBarcelona, @NFL_Memes, @BleacherReport, @MartysaurusRex, @RapSheet, @Panthers, @FakeSportsCentr, @Redskins, @Seahawks, @NOTSportsCenter, @GAFollowers

Overview Demographics:

  • 78% male, 22% female authors tweeting about NFL
  • 70% White, 14% Hispanic, 12% Black, 3% Asian
  • 48% Millennial, 31% Gen X, 12% Baby Boomer, 9% Gen Z

Top 8 Hashtags: #nfl, #football, #redskins, #49ers, #card, #steelers, #browns, #cards

Top Tweet:

Zoomph InZights:

Free Agency & Trading Period

Thankfully for football fans, the NFL is still very busy in the offseason. The NFL offseason generated a lot of social activity, particularly after the free agency period and the trading period began on March 9 at 4:00 PM EST.

Teams were permitted to contact and begin contract negotiations with players set to become unrestricted free agents. As this period began, influential reporters, such as Adam Schefter (@adamschefter) and Ian Rapoport (@rapsheet), and sports media outlets, like ESPN @SportsCenter and @BleacherReport, announced breaking news on player transactions, player visits with suitors, and other potential team changes.

Among all the teams and brands, Martellus Bennett (@MartysaurusRex) was the only player who ended the month as a top-10 influencer, let alone a top-30 influencer. Given his recent victorious status as a Super Bowl champion, he signed with a new team, the @Packers. He immediately began engaging with Packers fans, asking for input in choosing a new jersey number.

International Reach

The NFL continued its expansion efforts in the international market. The @Patriots, who moved on a number of recognizable players, sent @RobGronkowski to Barcelona, Spain to visit soccer powerhouse @FCBarcelona.

@FCBarcelona posted a tweet that tied for the highest number of ZPoints, Zoomph’s influencer score. They finished fifth on the influencer list via seven tweets mentioning @NFL, @Patriots, or @RobGronkowski.

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Sports Retail

Overview Stats: 401.8K total tweets, 265K unique authors, 3.8B impressions, 318K people engaged

Most Mentioned Brands in ZIndex

Zoomph Sports Retail ZIndex March 2017. Competitive intelligence. Trend monitoring. Audience and demographic assessment.

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Top 15 influencers: @rihanna, @JokeMtp, @StephenCurry30, @hype_bae, @TarHeelFootball, @nikestore, @TennisExpress, @WWE, @GiGiHadid, @LaloDagach, @HYPEBEAST, @TheRock, @Rosenbergradio, @highsnobiety, @umichbball

Overview Demographics:

  • 61% male, 39% female authors tweeting about sports retail
  • 68% White, 13% Hispanic, 11% Black, 7% Asian
  • 52% Millennial, 26% Gen X, 11% Baby Boomer, 11% Gen Z

Top 8 Hashtags: #mplusplaces, #vapormax, #airmaxday, #vision, #fentyxpuma, #parih, #ultraviolet, #nike

Top Tweet:

Zoomph InZights:

Celebrity Scene

At the beginning of March, @Puma saw a huge lift as four of the top 10 tweets endorsed its brand. The top two tweets came from @Rihanna, who also ended the month as the top sports retail influencer. Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, who has almost 14.7M followers, and rapper @BigSean tweeted the fifth and sixth ranked posts, respectively. Those four tweets totaled 19.6K retweets and almost 84.8K likes.

Social Statements

@Nike made what many considered a social statement by announcing a performance hijab for Muslim female athletes. @Hype_bae, @Hypebeast’s sister brand, tweeted the third ranked post in the Sports Retail feed to cover the announcement of the performance hijab. @Hypebae’s post generated 12.4K retweets and 28.7K likes.

Surprise Appearance

College football season has been over for a couple of weeks, but @TarHeelFootball made a surprise appearance as the sixth ranked influencer with just five tweets. How did they achieve this? They announced a partnership with the Jordan Brand, @Jumpman23.

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Overview Stats: 457.8K total tweets, 249.6K unique authors, 4.1B impressions, 330.8K people engaged

Most Mentioned Brands in ZIndex

Zoomph Tech ZIndex March 2017. Competitive intelligence. Trend monitoring. Audience and demographic assessment.

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Top 15 influencers: @Snowden, @KimDotcom, @LindseyStirling, @slpng_giants, @jessconte, @swrobb, @ValaAfshar, @OmarImranTweets, @salesforce, @RepStevenSmith, @Benioff, @wef, @businessinsider, @coachella, @IBMWatson

Overview Demographics:

  • 62% male, 38% female authors tweeting about tech
  • 68% White, 13% Hispanic, 10% Asian, 9% Black
  • 51% Millennial, 29% Gen X, 11% Baby Boomer, 9% Gen Z

Top 8 Hashtags: #ai, #cloud, #iot, #giveaway, #blockchain, #tech, #bigdata, #sxsw

Top Tweet:

Zoomph InZights:

Making Tweets Count

Eight of the top 10 influencers, and 23 of the top 35 influencers tweeted 10 times or less. The top two influencers, Edward Snowden (@Snowden) and Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom), tweeted three times and twice, respectively.

Privacy & Security

Three out of the five tweets combined from @Snowden and @KimDotcom, who also featured in the ZIndex Dow Jones feed, were about privacy and security. CIA surveillance was mentioned among those tweets with the addition of another top tweet from @WikiLeaks.

Knowledge Graph Complaints

Two of the top 10 tweets, which yielded 17.3K retweets and almost 7K likes, complained about Google’s Knowledge Panel, which displays information pertaining to a search query at the top of your results page. The query in question was “jihad,” and the definition upset many. Their anger seemed a bit misdirected, considering how Google pulled that definition from one of the most visited websites.

Howard + Google

Howard University and Google announced a partnership to provide students with an opportunity for a summer computer science residency at Google’s Mountain View campus. The program aims to remove barriers for students at historically black colleges and universities majoring in computer science.

Acquisitions & Partnerships

Intel confirmed that it was acquiring Mobileye, an autonomous driving technology company, for $15B. Mobileye has already been working with 27 car manufacturers, including Audi and BMW. Intel and Mobileye worked together previously to test self-driving cars. Mobileye went public on Nasdaq in 2014 and has a market cap of about $10.5B.

This deal will be the largest in the startup hotbed of Israel, which has already seen Google buy the GPS app Waze for $1.1B and Apple buy 3D-sensor company PrimeSense for around $300M.

IBM Watson will work directly in the Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform, Einstein. This partnership enables IBM to sell services across both Einstein and Watson, while insight from Watson will be available in Salesforce.

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