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Introducing YouTube Influencer & Video Analytics

Zoomph now supports YouTube, giving you rich insights into YouTube videos and influencers to help you identify unique marketing opportunities.

The channel reigns as the second most popular search engine and serves as a valuable tool for marketers aiming to reach cord-cutters who are more attentive online.

Industries like cosmetics, tech, and gaming have tapped niche audiences on YouTube; in February, we reported on how YouTube creators ranked as top brand advocates in fashion, and Dolce & Gabbana hired YouTube heartthrobs to walk their fall 2017 runways as part of their #DGMillennials campaign.

But as we often find in marketing, you can’t expect success on YouTube with a quick-get-rich scheme. Your success depends on careful planning, competitive analysis, and month-over-month benchmarking—all of which take time and commitment.

To help, we’ve integrated YouTube into our platform. You can instantly discover relevant and popular videos, channels, and influencers, meanwhile tracking your own performance, audience demographics, and much more.


How to Access YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics are available to customers with annual Marketing or Enterprise packages. If you do not qualify for either and would like to discuss access and pricing, please contact us.

To begin tracking YouTube, log into your Zoomph account and click “Create a feed” from your home screen. Then, set up a new feed as you normally would, but select YouTube as a source.

Search YouTube for hashtags, keywords, key phrases, and exact matches. By default, Zoomph will collect videos with titles or descriptions containing your search terms. To pull in comments made on these videos, go to your left navigation bar > Activations > Moderation > Moderation Settings > YouTube settings > Pull in Comments.

You can also track specific channels and analyze the engagement around their videos.

Once launching your feed, you’ll be able to view search results from “Content Discovery.” You can watch videos directly from this dashboard or filter results by create date, sentiment, and measure of influence as you normally would.

YouTube Content Influencer Discovery Zoomph


For additional analytics, browse your options under “Audience Insights” or “Content Insights” in your left navigation bar. You’ll be able to view demographics of the people who’ve commented on the videos you’ve tracked, or view a ranking of top influencers based on the amount of attention and engagement they received on their videos.

Other YouTube analytics include:

  • Top links shared via comments and video descriptions
  • Audience associations
  • Audience sentiment
  • Audience activity over time
  • Top emojis
  • Top hashtags
  • Top words
  • Comparison reports

To tailor your listening experience to your branded content, configure a feed tracking your brand’s YouTube channel and view analytics on your audience and videos.


Spotlight Videos with a Custom Multi-Widget

Along with our analytics integration, we’ve updated our multi-widget visual template to support YouTube videos.

The Zoomph multi-widget enables you to stream live digital content to your website or microsite to enrich your visitors’ online experiences, and to bring customer content front and center.


YouTube Multi-Widget Web Embed


Start building your custom widget by going to your left navigation bar > Activations > Visuals > Create New > Multi Widget. From the configurations page, simply check off “YouTube” under “Social Networks” to ensure that it displays the YouTube videos tracked by your feed.


An Intro to YouTube Marketing

For many marketers, YouTube is as much a discovery platform as it is a production channel. Our analytics help you perform several tasks, including finding a YouTube influencer, charting trends, determining if it’s time for you to launch a video marketing strategy, or revamping an existing one.

But before doing any of these, it’s important to note the changing landscape and unique challenges of YouTube:

YouTube’s influence has expanded into many other networks, elevating the reach of its top creators but requiring them to manage multiplatform distribution and promotion strategies to support their YouTube presence.

Moreover, YouTube arguably has a high barrier to entry for new creators because of the work it takes to produce and maintain quality, competitive content. And just like any other content marketing strategy, you must define your target audience, understand what they want, set measurable goals, and develop tactics to get your content ranking. Then, you must benchmark your success, gauge whether you’re engaging the right audience, and optimize your approach regularly.

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Finding a YouTube Influencer

For most brands, finding a YouTube partner isn’t an easy feat either. Poorly matched brand-influencer relationships can lead to forced brand promotions.

It’s ill-advised for any marketer to hire the biggest name—the YouTuber with millions of subscribers—without having done thorough research. While hiring a celebrity YouTuber may seem like the fastest solution for drawing attention to your brand, you can just as easily jeopardize the good sentiment and trust around your brand, alongside your influencer’s reputation.

On the contrary, here are five ways to check if an influencer is right for you:

  1. Discover or track influencers based on the topics or brands they engage with most. Find the YouTuber whose impact is on topics that relate to your brand’s specific goals and values, not just your overall industry.
  2. Check the demographics, locations, and social identities of the people your influencer attracts. Do they resemble your target marketing personas?
  3. Analyze sentiment data or top words associated with your influencer to gauge how the public perceives him/her.
  4. View the influencer’s affinities, behaviors, and recent activity. Does his/her interests align with your brand? Would it make sense for him/her to sample and promote your brand?
  5. Measure the YouTuber’s activity and influence across other social channels. Is it appropriate, or enough, for your brand?

For more tips, see our guide for picking your perfect YouTube influencer.

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