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5 Webpages That You Didn’t Know Were Microsites

Microsites don’t always get the credit they deserve. While some of today’s most celebrated microsites are gorgeously designed and adorned with special effects, plenty others exist as lowkey ROI drivers.

Below are several campaigns that quietly but powerfully use microsites to give depth to their campaigns. Do any of these examples surprise you?

Redskins’ Editorial Content


The Washington Redskins are getting crafty with their online content. This immersive piece on running back Chris Thompson is built on a microsite, which features full-screen photos and beautiful typography that break the uniform policy of other Redskins’ blogs.

It’s only one of several microsite-backed articles by the Redskins. While disguising microsites as subpages of their main site, the Redskins harness a microsite builder to customize the layout of each blog, and to exercise creative freedom apart from the predefined styles and navigation of their usual blogs.

This strategy helps to drive focus around a single topic by letting authors remove unrelated links, footer content, and advertisements from the page. It also leaves room for various multimedia integrations and custom navigation to keep readers engaged in the content.

The Redskins aren’t the only ones capitalizing on this trend. They join several other NFL teams, including the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets, who’ve began leveraging microsite builders as more flexible content-management systems (CMS) for adding editorial value to their most meaningful pieces.

Giants’ Executive Suite Landing Page


When browsing for a suite at MetLife Stadium, you might feel like you’re shopping for an apartment. This landing page for the New York Giants’ Executive Suites flaunts large, close-up photos of these posh suites. It lists out benefits and amenities, and offers a virtual tour of the stadium.

By building this page on a microsite, the Giants were able to incorporate various content styles, parallax scrolling, and custom navigation.

While parallax scrolling promises a fluid scrolling experience down the page, the custom navigation offers an easy-to-browse, clutter-free shopping experience.

One of the most underrated features on this page—the custom form at the end—also enables the team to easily track leads and conversions specifically from this campaign. They can also tailor form fields so that they only collect the information they need to acquire bookings.

Titans’ Gameday Information Page


It’s not every day that you see a team spruce up a site for gameday policies and information. The Tennessee Titans took it one step further by creating a microsite specifically for attendees of the Bengals v. Titans game on Sunday, November 12.

This ensured that everything from broadcast information to parking directions were painstakingly clear. While leveraging a minimalist design, this microsite is highly focused and includes custom navigation to help visitors locate the information that they need.

In general, a microsite builder makes it easy to create and break down (or recycle) a standalone webpage that’s built with a unique audience in mind. Microsites let you deviate from the normal structure of your site, and strip out extraneous links or content to provide a smoother user experience.

Whirl-a-Style’s Holiday Contest


You may recognize Whirl-a-Style for their bun makers and other hair accessories. This holiday season, the Whirl-a-Style team is teeing up a photo contest offering consumers a chance to win a special holiday prize.

This microsite utilizes striking background imagery, various content layouts (e.g., multiple text columns), and a live social hub that showcases all contest entries (which are required to be submitted through social media).

To match the nature of the contest, the microsite is visually appealing. It isolates contest rules and entries onto one clean site, where visitors can both enter and gain inspiration.

Social media integration is one key element of this microsite. Though most CMSes now support social media embeds and iframes, few can ingest large quantities of live content. This capability requires a reliable tool for tracking the right content on social media on top of a flexible CMS for showcasing live data.

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Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star Voting Site

Macy's iHeartRadio Rising Star Contest with Zoomph

The voting site for this annual talent contest keeps contestants front and center. Branded as a joint property between Macy’s and iHeartRadio, this microsite serves as an online portal for discovering new artists.

This is the most elaborate of the sites on this list. You can view multiple pages of information on each artist, and click to vote or to buy any of the clothes (available at modeled by the artists.

The microsite also features photo carousels, custom buttons, and social voting. While the site now limits access to certain pages following the end of the contest, you can still view the results page, which features a full-screen pop-up video of winner James Maslow.

Aside from encouraging unbridled creativity, the microsite behind this campaign allows for easy lock down of content and headache-free campaign analysis (think: isolated analytics). Learn more about how this webpage was made.
Want to create a microsite of your own? Learn more about Zoomph's Microsite Builder.

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