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Zoomph Culture

According to our CEO, culture is the glue of a company. Get a sample of the glue keeping Zoomph together.

Employee Spotlight: James Ho

January 05, 2017

James’ unequaled love of golf and die-hard loyalty to Nike is analogous to the punch and passion he brings to our team. While a leader in his own right, James Read More

Employee Spotlight: Luke Faizal

September 09, 2016

There are evenings in the Zoomph office when you might get lucky enough to hear a faint guitar coming from the developers’ nook. And upon following the music, you may Read More

Employee Spotlight: Leo Herrera

July 25, 2016

Those who know Leo understand three things: (1) he currently has green hair, (2) his doodles are worth framing, and (3) his sarcasm game is strong. Leo has quickly become Read More

Employee Spotlight: Nicholai Goodall

May 27, 2016

Nicholai has a bright personality, which sometimes shows through in his vibrant hair ( 🙂 ), but most often shows through in his upbeat spirit and passion for his work. Read More

Employee Spotlight: Thomas Mathew

May 05, 2016

By his humble nature and easygoing demeanor, you may never guess the enormous weight that Thomas carries on his back each day. In between meeting with clients, speaking at conferences, Read More

Employee Spotlight: Quinton Porter

April 15, 2016

Quinton brings tons of hustle to our #hustlesquad. He has gone from leading teams on the football field to leading the offense here at Zoomph. He is fearlessly driving us Read More

Employee Spotlight: Zara “Zee” Machatine

March 31, 2016

Though she may live several hundred miles away from the Zoomph nest, many of us would agree that Zara is the “mother hen” of our office. She’s the glue knitting Read More

Employee Spotlight: Lee Kohn

March 17, 2016

Lee, one of the founding fathers of Zoomph, has been a reliable source of knowledge, leadership, and calm on our team. He’s the mastermind behind many of our platform’s amazing capabilities, and Read More

Employee Spotlight: Amir Zonozi

February 19, 2016

I like to think of Amir as a man full of quotes. One of his famous lines, which often concludes our daily scrums, is: “Let’s kick a** today.” There’s not a Read More