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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Community Managers:

Passion, Personality, and a Fully-Charged Battery:

‘Social media manager’, ‘Community Manager’, or even ‘Social Media Guru’… call it what you want to call it, but 5 years ago, not even Google would have known what you were talking about. But look at us now, these community managers are the personalities behind the brands we know and love and are essential to people’s customer experience by creating and managing engaging conversations for audiences alike.

I don’t have to tell you this is no easy feat, and to do their jobs well, Community Managers must have a snarky attitude, a passion for the brand they’re representing, an odd love cats, BUT MOST OF ALL, all the necessary gadgets and gizmos to keep them going and providing unique content that stands out. Let’s be honest, there are no breaks in social, social is not a job, it’s a religion, it’s a way of life! #HAKUNAMATA

That is why we must reward these tireless tweeters, these hashtag savants, these selfie connoisseurs: these Community Managers. Which is precisely what we aim to do by compiling the most PERFECT Gift Guide for the Community Managers you know and love. (Ahem! CMs this is your cue to send your coworkers a passive aggressive hint!)

1. Anker Astro Portable Charger:

As a multi-tasker, you’re always on your phone and you’re always on the go. But what happens if your phone fades to black? Imagine trying to moderate a Zoomph feed and you couldn’t charge your device? What a nightmare! Now you can bring in the forces with a portable charger. There are a lot of them out there; we like this one. The best part about it? They charge your devices FAST so you can get back to live tweeting the latest episode of the Walking Dead… or a keynote at a conference.

Anker Astro 3E – Portable Charger

2. iPhone 6: A Really Smart Phone

Speaking of smartphones, you need a good phone. And the iPhone 6 isn’t just a good phone, it’s an excellent phone that will help you power through your work on-the-go. With much-improved photo and video capabilities your visual content will be stellar for social and your Zoomph visuals will be so filled with the best photos and videos the crowd will go wild! Not to mention, the slo-mo feature is pretty BA. Feeling adventurous? Go for the iPhone 6 Plus. You know what they say, bigger is better!
iPhone 6 is an excellent phone for community managers

3. Verizon Jetpack: Mobile Hotspot MIFI

Now that your devices are all charged, you  can moderate your Zoomph feeds without having to use up that precious data. The Verizon Jetpack® is a mini device that fits in your pocket, purse or murse, and has a lot of power! Go on and REJOICE! You now have the ability to connect to the internet anywhere at any time. Your community will thank your for your due-diligence 🙂

Verizon Jetpack Mobile Hotspot MIFI

4. Olloclip: Your Camera’s New Sidekick

When you need to take that extra-special selfie, you need the right tools. Cue:  Olloclip; quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lense. The design works on both front and rear facing cameras and comes with 3 wearable pendants. Selfie rejoice! You’ll have a professional feel to your photos all while sparing just a few seconds of your precious time.

Olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone

5. WiFi Coffee Machine: Give me coffee, and no one will get hurt!

We get it. Due to your poor sleeping habits and non-stop work ethics, coffee is the elixir of the gods. But, taking those 5 minutes for your coffee to brew is a waste of time; we’d so rather be diving into our Zoomph analytics… Have no fear! The coffee gods have answered all your prayers: WIFI Coffee Makers. Now, you can schedule your coffee like your schedule your tweets. There are a few simple things in life all #CMGRs need. Coffee is one. Make your dream come true and add this gift to your wishlist.

WIFI Coffee Makers

6. Clocky, the Alarm Clock: Never Hit ‘Snooze’ Again!

#CMGRS know that social doesn’t sleep. In fact, we’re positive we’ll find you in the deep, dark realms of Twitter at 2 am even when you have to wake up for an early-morning Google hangout. Perfect for the snoozer in all of us, Clocky, is the answer to your social prayers. When the alarm goes off, the little creature jumps off your nightstand and starts running around the room making cute, but uber-annoying noises along the way. With Clocky, you’re forced out of bed to catch the little bugger and you’ll break that snooze-alarm habit in no time. HALLELUJAH! You can now start moderating your Zoomph feeds feeling refreshed, and, even earlier than ever before!
Clocky the Alarm Clock from NANDA

7. Fitbit:

You’re super busy. And we respect that! Because you’re so busy, you may not always have time for that early-morning run or late-night workout. But exercise is essential to a balanced lifestyle and a great stress-reliever! FitBits are great options for motivation. These handy-dandy activity trackers help you stay motivated and improve your health by tracking everything. Besides, since you’re always running around trying to take over the world you’ll at least be able to see how far you’ve traveled!
Fitbits are good motivators for community managers

So there you have it! The most perfect list of gifts for the most passionate, bad ass and tech-needy Community Managers. Did we miss an awesome Community manager gift idea? Tweet us @Zoomph which gift YOU would be the most excited to win…who knows, maybe we’ll send you a little somethin’ somethin’ 🙂


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