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Create Online Experiences (in Minutes) with Microsite Builder

Long gone are the days when one website was enough. Since the early 2010s, we’ve seen a new breed of website–the microsite–take over the internet and charm the content marketing world.

A microsite is essentially a website that lives independently from your company homepage and/or branded URL.

While once suspected as a passing fad, microsites have grown exponentially in popularity, adding editorial value to campaigns and becoming almost essential for engaging our shrinking attention spans.

They’ve also evolved to be more immersive than ever before, paving the path for microsites that host social media content and other dynamic elements.

Most likely, you’ve landed on dozens of microsites in your lifetime—whether to sign up for a conference, browse a blog, or learn more about an upcoming movie.

Small, lightweight, and highly targeted, microsites are typically lowkey ROI drivers that eclipse traditional advertising when done right.


The Big Benefits

Microsites today grace a number of industries. We’ve seen retailers, tech companies, and news publications stand up microsites, all with the same goal in mind: drive attention around one topic, and make a splash in today’s digital, on-demand ecosystem. (See some examples of great sites below.)

Among the many benefits of well-made microsites:

  • They’re highly immersive and focused, letting you anchor your specific campaigns with relevant content. They propel your interest-based or identity marketing, meant to personalize experiences to particular audience segments.
  • Microsites put your campaign front and center, whereas on your homepage, content specific to your campaign can get lost under all the clutter.
  • Because your microsite lives separately from your homepage, you can appropriately define a separate structure, aesthetic, and functionality for your page.
  • Microsites offer multidimensional, responsive experiences that static Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages can’t.
  • They’re owned, not rented web environments like the social networks above.


The Big Problem

While the above values are a dream for marketers, some obvious roadblocks prevent more marketers from leveraging microsites: time, money, and expertise.

Historically, microsites have required a developer or designer’s touch to be worth the effort.

You had to funnel more time, resources, and planning into publishing any project—calling into question the everyday practicality of microsites. Real-time production was a pipedream, and your creative freedom was limited by the inflexibility of legacy content management systems (CMS).

Until now. 🙂

Now, you can leverage our proven “do it yourself” microsite builder to tailor-make sites on a modern CMS.

Our builder has already been used by our customers for their real-time contests, campaigns, and long-form content. Our customers have been able to easily incorporate live user-generated content (UGC), social data, and visualizations into their sites without having to take time away from their designers or developers.


Microsite Builder – How It Works

Microsite Builder is available as an add-on for customers with annual Marketing or Enterprise packages. If you do not qualify for either, please view our pricing page or contact us to discuss access.

Contact us to add Microsite Builder to your annual Marketing or Enterprise package. Then, start exploring Microsite Builder by logging into your account and following the steps below:

  1. Click “Microsites” under “Activations” in the left navigation bar.
  2. Choose from our three ready-made themes (note: you’ll be able to customize the layout however way you’d like—these are just to get you started)
  3. Use the left-hand menu to choose from our drag-and-drop sections and zone. Filter through the various visual, text, and HTML sections by clicking on the given labels. Consider using our social media embeds to infuse live user-generated content (UGC) into your site.
  4. Once adding a new section or zone, click into it to begin editing text or adding media. When clicking on a visual or multimedia section, a second edit menu will appear on the right letting you adjust its contents. You can adjust image opacity, background settings (e.g., fixed image, parallax scrolling, full screen), padding, and more from this edit window. 

    Zoomph Microsite Builder

  5. Use the left-hand menu to access or edit the overall header/text styles, layout defaults, navigation, custom code, settings (basic and SEO), and your asset library.
  6. Export the code or preview you site using the buttons in the top-right corner of your screen. When you’re ready, hit “Save.”
  7. Return to the microsite’s homepage to launch your site. In the future, you can also edit or archive your projects from here.

Note: All of our microsite templates are mobile responsive.

Microsites Built with Zoomph

A few of our customers received early access to Microsite Builder and have blown us away with their creations. Below are two microsites that successfully maximized real-time moments and key milestones to drive more online engagement.

Dolphins’ Tribute to Branden Albert

While left tackle Branden Albert has since been traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Miami Dolphins published an article early February as an ode to his legacy. Albert, nicknamed “B.A.” and The Dolphins’ “Big Brother,” is both two-time Pro Bowl select and a highly-admired team member.

This 4,500-word piece shares a remarkable tale of Albert’s football career, employing powerful imagery, videos, and quotes to round and animate his story.

Miami Dolphins Microsite Branden Albert (1)

Miami Dolphins Microsite Branden Albert (2)

Miami Dolphins Microsite Branden Albert (3)


“Resiliency Reigns” By Green Bay Packers

The 2016 regular NFL season ended with an incredible victory for the Green Bay Packers. After four consecutive losses and a 4-6 record that diluted expectations of the team making it into the playoffs, Aaron Rodgers famously declared, “I feel like we can run the table.” Sure enough, the Packers made a comeback and headed straight into the playoffs.

This digital storybook chronicles the team’s 2016 journey using explosive visuals, playback reels, and authentic social media content.

The Packers sweetened their end-of-the-season win with over 11.5K likes, 800+ shares and retweets, and hundreds of comments from delighted fans across social media.

Learn more about fan engagment and analytics with Zoomph! Contact us!

Green Bay Packers Microsite 2016 Season

Green Bay Packers Microsite 2016 Season (2)

Green Bay Packers Microsite 2016 Season (3)


Ready to get started with your own microsite?

View our pricing and contact us about gaining access to Microsite Builder today!

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