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Faster Social Media Monitoring with Enhancements to Zoomph

Our team values efficiency. The Zoomph platform has been carefully constructed to let you build, optimize, and analyze your marketing campaigns in real time, while preserving low data leakage.

We’ve recently made enhancements to Zoomph to save you even more time as you analyze social content and influencers. Harness our improved analytics tools to monitor social media like a boss and to stay ahead of time, money, and overall ROI.

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Go Back in Time with Content Backfilling

Zoomph now lets you retrieve social media posts from up to seven days back whenever you create or edit a feed.

In other words, if you’re late to tracking a trend or collecting posts around your campaign, you can cull historic data without having to flag down our team. You can backfill content from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+ on demand—simply go to your feed configuration page > Advanced Settings > Backfill Content.

Identify which search terms you want to backdate, give our engines a minute, and explore the content from your Content Discovery page.

If you want to access even older data, make sure you have enough storage in your account and contact our support team for an extra hand!

Track Influencers Directly from Author Cards

At the tail end of last year, we announced a new tool for auto-generating social listening feeds that track an influencer’s activity and mentions on social media.

You can now access this feature directly from an Author Card. This gives you the flexibility to create a feed instantly without having to navigate back to your Influencer Discovery page (or assemble a new feed from scratch).

Often, our customers like to explore an influencer’s Author Card to ensure that his/her associations and recent activity align with their brand. Then, they’ll decide to start a feed that specifically tracks conversations about, or initiated by, the influencer – a preliminary screening of sorts before engaging the influencer.

Influencer tracking feeds are also great for finding the right moments and opportunities for your brand to say “hello.” The best introductions are natural, not forced. This is why learning about your influencer and keeping an eye on his/her activity is a good primer for initiating relevant, personal interactions.

Remember, both bigwigs and micro-influencers may encounter brands that want to partner with them. For your brand to stand out, you must have an interest in getting to know influencers beyond their follower counts, and offer a service or product that they’d naturally use.

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Immediately Access Twitter Follower Reports of Your Top Influencers

We’ve married two of our top tools together. When browsing top influencers from your Influencer Discovery dashboard, you can hover over any name to magically produce an “actions” menu, from which you can select “View Follower Report.”

This will take you to the influencer’s complete Twitter Follower Report, where you can explore the mutual friends, associations, and traits among all the influencer’s followers.

influencer Twitter follower report

No more hopping between two different tabs. One click, and you’ve got more valuable data at your fingertips.

Get Important Zoomph Memos via Your News & Support Panel

To connect you to our team and product updates (or to simply satiate your cravings for all things Zoomph), we’ve added a new help panel to your account.

It’s located in that cute “help” button at the bottom-right corner of your screen. Once clicking that button, you’ll see a reel of important memos, announcements, and tips on how to best utilize your different features. This will also be one of the very first places we go to contact you about exclusive offers or alerts.

Moral of the story: if ever you’re going about your regular Zoomphing and see a little red notification flag on the “help” button, check it out!

From this panel, you can quickly access our Help Center and get in touch with our support team.

Check out our new makeover – thoughts?

Our minimalist design is not only meant to be softer on the eyes, but also help you navigate through Zoomph better.

We’ve strategically redone our coloring and button styling to help you locate important pages more easily. Spoiler alert: more UI enhancements are pending. In the meantime, please send us your honest feedback about our current platform—design or functionality! We love to discuss our creation with our customers. It’s only with your help that we’re able to make Zoomph better.

Send us your feedback by tweeting @Zoomph or dropping us a line at


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