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Small Business Week: Transform Your SMB Into an Instagram Titan

Happy Small Business Week everyone!

As a growing business, your #1 priority is to get new online and foot traffic to your business. So here’s some surprising news for attracting audiences:  Instagram content actually generates significantly more engagement than its Facebook or Twitter equivalent. And those are the social media juggernauts!

All well and good, but it’s especially significant for small-to-medium-sized businesses like yourself. Instagram still remains relatively untapped by bigger brands (well, except for the socially advanced ones, which we have on our radar for you). What’s more, small businesses actually have the advantage here, because Instagram is all about brand storytelling. And we all l-o-v-e LOVE start-up stories; Apple starting from a garage, an intrepid business owner pounding the pavement to give free samples of her amazing new pizza recipe—we as a public are attracted to stories like these, because they have heart.

But still, the Instagram path of an SMB is a different one that we would recommend for more expansive brands. So if you aren’t sure of where to start, these steps will have you double tapping in no time.

1)    Operations—check. Social media—double check.

You might be thinking “social media engagement is the last of my worries.” Well, we’re a small business too, so we’ll say this gently: you’re wrong.  We understand that day-to-day operations are in the front of your mind, but Instagram engagement should take  take a priority because, let’s face it, that’s how you get customers. And a business without customers—well, isn’t a business. (#Hell #No).

To get your SMB connecting with audiences, make Instagram part of your small biz culture. And guess what: doing this is easy and fun! Whenever you have a fun, quirky, or just “this is so our businesss” moment, snap a quick photo and share it. Excitement spreads, and soon you’ll have a whole team of employees shouting, “Don’t worry, I Instagramed it!” down the hallway.


2)    Trends Are Your Friend

Right now, selfies are BLOWING. UP. And that is straight-up perfect for Instagram. Trends like these are something you should get used to following as a small business, because there is probably (no wait, definitely) a really cool way to tie it to your brand.

How do you do that? There’s a number of ways: one being by taking at least 10 minutes a day (see, we’re not asking for much!) to surf online for articles that talk trends. Feedly is a great resource for every industry and social blog imaginable. But the best way is to leverage some sort of social media monitoring tool—Zoomph or otherwise.


3) Education Can Be Fun, Too

Make like Bill Nye the Science Guy, and educate while entertaining! You don’t have to break out the beakers—all your SMB has to do is post Instagrams of employees or fans using your product or brand material in a way that makes people say “WOW.” The more unconventional or unorthodox, the better.

TIP: For even higher social media engagement, you can also flip the script and encourage your customers to take their own Instagram photos with your product—all with your specially-created #hashtag of course!


The point is, Instagram is the best—and frankly, easiest—place for you to create your story and ultimately capture more business leads. While there’s still a lot to know about Instagram (you can check out our other blogs for more insight), these steps will help you create a social media marketing culture that truly transforms your business success. Think about it: all that potential sales and value, just from a few pictures.


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