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Serving up New Features in the New Year

Every marketer knows that great social media monitoring starts with powerful social media analytics – so much so that Zoomph is kicking off the New Year with a series of new features that will not only help you monitor and analyze your social media activities better but also help you stay on track with your resolutions for the year.

We are proud to present our new set of social listening tools for faster and smarter social media monitoring.

1. Powerful Moderation

You’re not your average marketer – you share more, and you need more. Say no more, and start moderating with Tile view for a clean, but insightful view of all of your content brought in from your search terms.  Leverage filtering on the left menu to quickly locate specific content and trends. Export images and search results to send to team members and clients. Use tags to generate reports and orchestrate visuals. After all, a powerful marketer deserves a powerful tool for social media moderation.


New Moderation

2. Facebook Insights – Beta

Marketing effectively on Facebook means knowing the ins and outs of your audiences. Having specifics on your audiences’ demographic make-up and the top geographies they are based out of can be indispensable when planning a campaign. With our new Facebook Insights you not only get to do that but also discover insights and aggregate data on keywords and topics to see what’s trending on Facebook outside of what you already know. Great for keeping your fingers on the pulse of any social conversation.

As an example, let’s take a look at Facebook Insights for the term Donald Trump –

Facebook Insights Donald Trump

Here are the top facts that stand out –

  • There is a higher engagement from males (57.6%) as compared to females (37.8%).
  • People belonging to the age-group 55 – 64 are participating the most with the term Donald Trump on Facebook.

3. Twitter & Instagram Bios

One-sized-fits-all marketing strategies are ineffective; understanding your audience’s persona is critical to targeting your message. Get more context on how your audiences prefer to describe themselves on social media through their bios.  Are there more ‘Mommy Bloggers’ who follow you or YouTube Influencers or just good ole’ Washington Redskins diehard fans? Our Twitter Bio word cloud gives you complete information on the top words that show up in your audiences bios (specific to a feed). Use this data to discover the personas behind your social posts.

A quick search on the much-talked about Netflix hit series #MakingAMurderer (yes, we’re diggin’ that show too!) tells us that the most influential people that participated with the hashtag had a mention of words like fan, love, music, coffee, etc. among many others in their Twitter bios.

Twitter Bios - edite

On the other hand, the top words associated with people who participated were – Makingamurderer, steven, Avery, among others.

List View - Top Words

4. Publish Tweets

As a real-time data and engagement platform, we understand how critical it is to strike when the right opportunity presents itself. Win every moment, with Zoomph’s Tweet button accessible across our entire platform. Publishing is easy – just tap this button (located on every page in the bottom right corner) then choose your desired account, create a message and engage.

Publish Tweets - Gif

5. RSS Integration

Content Marketing meets Influencer Marketing. There two great ways to leverage our new RSS integration. One, you get to know your influencers better (because by now you have already identified your influencers), know what they read, what they care about. Pull in their content across different RSS feeds; pull in data around topics that they are contextually relevant in to create an integrated profile on your influencers and audience.  Two, pull in content from your blog and RSS to integrate within your social hubs with UGC or owned social media content to bring in people from social into your marketing funnel by getting them engaged through your content. Add any RSS feed (read Tumblr, Reddit, etc.), including your own blogs, and other blogs or websites that use RSS feeds with Zoomph.

After all, we all know (and swear by) the power of using UGCs in social hubs. Ready to explore? Give us a shout and we will be happy to set you up for this.

RSS Feeds


We are there to answer them for you. Click “Support” on the admin dashboard to seek help on questions specific to every module on our platform or better still tweet at us! We have real-time in our genes and are known for our great response times.

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