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Stay Organized with Projects, Updates to Engagement and Audience Reports

As a digital marketer, the nature of your job requires you to be in many places at once. You need to stay on top of multiple campaigns and know how each is performing at a moment’s notice. Naturally, the number of feeds and visuals you create with Zoomph rack up.

Beginning July 12, you’ll be able to organize your Zoomph properties into ‘Projects.’ In addition, some of your most essential analytics reports will be getting facelifts to make it easier for you to find the metrics that you need.

Note: None of these changes will affect your current analytics or visuals. They’re simply meant to save you time and help you work greater efficiency.

Stay Organized with Projects

Bid farewell to complex naming conventions. With Projects, you can group as many Zoomph feeds, visuals, audiences, and more into a single folder.

Label and use Projects however way you want. Early testers have used projects for:

  • Arranging properties by event or campaign
  • Creating different projects for different team members / account users
  • Sorting properties by client or sponsor

How to Navigate to Projects

Projects will live front and center on your homepage once you log into Zoomph. In other words, don’t be alarmed if you wake up to a whole new dashboard—you’re not dreaming. We’ve decided to make Projects the first thing you see so that you won’t have to look far for your content, and because Projects includes other quick navigational options.

screenshot of zoomphs projects feature and dashboard

You can go to this homepage to see and open any of your projects. You can also use the menus on the far right of your objects to take quick actions, such as edit a feed, view reports, or launch a visual.

Open Projects in Zoomph


Simplify Reporting with Redesigned Engagement Reports

Not all conversations are created equal. That’s why Zoomph gives you the tools for measuring real impact and discovering ways to keep the momentum going.

One of our most popular reports, Engagement Reports, identifies the people who help to amplify your brand online. With Engagement Reports, you’ll automatically receive a breakdown of handles and the amount of likes, shares, reactions, etc. they’re receiving on posts related to your Zoomph campaign or feed.

With our newest batch of enhancements, this report will sport a new polished look. It’ll elevate your baseline KPIs (or aggregate metrics) to the top of your report, where you’ll have the option to instantly refresh data without having to reload the whole page.


comparison of old engagement reports versus new reports on zoomph


Note: Two metrics (audience reach and social impressions) that previously lived on your Overview Report now live on your Engagement Report. This is so that you can get more accurate measurements by channel.

Measure your marketing success in real time and enjoy a professional-looking report to share with your team. Like the current version of Engagement Reports, you’ll still be able to toggle between social networks to dissect engagement by channel, and can export, print, or create a shortcut of your report using the ‘actions’ menu at the top-right of your page.

Go to Your Engagement Report


Dissect Your Customers’ Interests with Enhanced Audience Reports

You’d probably never walk into a campaign without first knowing who you’re targeting and why. But truly understanding your customer down to his or her likes, dislikes, and celebrity crushes takes time—time that you may not always be able to spare.

Audience Reports (available with Enterprise) is a beautifully simple tool for analyzing multiple audience segments from a human lens. Our top-tier customers have used this report to quickly find the right influencers, value props, and content to feature in their campaigns.

Now, you can enjoy an enhanced version of Audience Reports that’ll let you dig deeper into all the consumer characteristics that Zoomph tracks by default. These include:

  • Demographics
  • Locations
  • Personality Traits
  • Tastes
  • Opinions
  • Brand Affinities (by Industry)
  • Sports Interests
  • Entertainment Interests
  • Miscellaneous Interests
  • Values
  • Family and Employment Status

As with the current Audience Report, the enhanced version shows aggregate data and represents the most prevalent interest groups in your audience.


screenshot of zoomph audience report updates


Using the filter at the top-right corner of your page, you can switch your report to ‘skew mode’ and see the most unique aspects of your audience when compared to all of social media.

How to Get Started

With an Enterprise account, you can access ‘Audience Insights’ from Projects or your left-hand navigation. Click ‘Audiences’ and either build your first audience or select ‘analyze’ on an existing one.

The enhanced Audience Report will automatically populate your screen. To generate a report on a different audience, go back to your Audience Dashboard and select your audience from there.

Go to Your Audience Dashboard in Zoomph


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