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How Pacsafe Landed 25,000 Newsletter Signups from a Video Contest (Case Study)

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Pacsafe wanted to do something big. They wanted to launch a contest that would not only rev interest in its anti-theft travel technology but also offer one lucky customer an all-expenses-paid trip of their dreams.

About Pacsafe

Pacsafe is the brainchild of two world travelers who, while traveling in South America, saw a bag wrapped in chicken wire to protect against theft.

Their first invention, the eXmoesh anti-theft technology, was a first in its industry. By offering peace of mind, Pacsafe sought to give people the confidence to embrace life’s adventures.

Twenty years later, Pacsafe is now a staple at REI, Walmart, and stores across the globe with a recently launched ecommerce site under its belt. Their products have expanded into urban wear, women’s bags, photography bags, and more—earning a number of awards, including the Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Award and the international iF Design Award in the sport and leisure category.

Campaign Goals

  • Work with Zoomph to construct the landing page and voting site for the contest
  • Increase newsletter subscriptions to capture new leads, along with valuable first-party data
  • Leverage social and digital media to spread brand awareness

The Solution: A Two-Part Video Contest

The Pacsafe team envisioned sending one wanderlust individual on an adventure of his/her own design. They wireframed an online contest in which you could submit a video explaining where you wanted to go and why you deserved to win.

Pacsafe simply needed the mechanics and a trustworthy partner to turn their vision into a reality; they required the right tools to build a contest site, host custom forms, process video entries, and give the team flexibility in managing two phases of the competition:

  • Phase 1: Entry collection
  • Phase 2: Finalist selection and public voting

Zoomph worked closely with Pacsafe and used our contest template to build a dynamic webpage supporting both phases.

For the first phase, the site required an email to reveal full contest details. It integrated various multimedia (including a promotional video, sponsor logos, and full-screen pop-ups) and custom forms that let visitors enter the competition on the spot. For inspiration, visitors could also scroll to the bottom of the page to view a hub of other entries.

phase one of pacsafe video contest


For phase two, the webpage featured the top three finalists. Visitors could also vote onsite, at which point they’d be asked to sign up for the Pacsafe newsletter for future deals and engagement.

phase two of pacsafe video contest

All entries and votes were automatically stored in Zoomph, which offered one space for Pacsafe to store video submissions, votes, and contact data. This made exporting data and tallying votes easy. Pacsafe could also track daily engagement across its contest using Zoomph.

“After seeing the success from this year’s campaign, we’re actually thinking about doing it consistently,” said Matthew Lam, Pacsafe’s community and communications manager.

The Results


success metrics from pacsafes video contest

The ‘Be More’ contest attracted over 500,000 video views, 8,000 votes, and 25,000 newsletter signups. Sixty percent of newsletter signups fit Pacsafe’s target audience of 25 to 35-year-old young professionals.

Lam attributes part of their success with the team’s ability to engage users at the right time. For example, by nudging visitors to sign up for Pacsafe’s newsletter to see full contest details, the team was able to acquire leads with a confirmed interest in traveling.

Lam captured a valid email and country of residence for every newsletter signup. Using this information, his team is now able to tailor a drip campaign that gradually introduces leads to the Pacsafe brand and entices them to make their first purchase before combining them with their list of regular subscribers.

Beyond newsletter signups, the team earned over 300 media placements globally with a potential reach 533 million people. They also earned 156,000 social engagements—contributing to a 42% increase in year-over-year Pacsafe mentions online. Of the 90,000 people who visited the “Be More” site, 95% of were new to the brand (a “great success,” according to Lam).

“When there’s a prize that people cannot resist, and they see people actually submit their content, the community will, in turn, generate noise,” says Lam. “At the end, it is all about the authenticity coming from the user-generated content.”

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