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ZIndex: A Social Media Index for Staying Ahead of Industry Trends

It’s impossible to win without knowing what you’re up against. And in today’s always-on, on-demand age, the race to get in front of our customers is especially vicious, making it ever-more important for us to analyze our competition, and harness social media to absorb our customers’ real-time expectations.

But how much time are you spending manually pulling stats or keeping mental tally of your competitors’ strategies? How are you benchmarking your own social success, and identifying sudden market shifts?

To help you stay ahead, our team has created ZIndex, the only social media index systematically tracking the real-time and historical data on your top competitors.

Zindex monitors the leading brands on Twitter across multiple industries, including cosmetics, fashion, retail, insurance, NFL, NGO, Dow Jones, restaurants, and tech. With ZIndex, you can immediately gain a ranking of the most talk-about brands and gain in-depth views of the consumers they’re attracting on Twitter.


Prioritizing Competitor Intelligence

Surveys and focus groups have historically been our go-to sources for pulling data around our customers. A couple things eluded us when we did this: time, and insights on what’s yet to come.

Thankfully, social media offers a window into the real-time opinions of our buyers, even proving to be a more accurate measure of public opinion than traditional polling.

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Social media is also home to rich social identity data that reflects our customers’ top values, interests, and affinities for other brands.

By analyzing the performance of brands from inside your industry, you can set a baseline (or quantifiable goal) for your next social media campaign. Perhaps more importantly, by looking outside your industry, you can predict the evolving tastes of your target consumers, who are increasingly relying on social media to determine and express their buying decisions.

“Search and social media have given consumers unprecedented access to information and peers,” reported an recent Altimeter study. “Customers are completing more of the purchase decision before approaching a seller.”

As examples: As a hospitality brand, knowing the type of restaurants that your guests love will help you fine tune your own menus or promos. As a cosmetics brand, you’d benefit from tracking which ecommerce sites are driving purchases. As a retailer, you’ll certainly want to know what’s taking over the fashion world, and where the trends are headed.

ZIndex is intended to save you time and costs on your market research, and help you instantly identify the most important trends.


ZIndex: How Does It Work?

ZIndex measures the share-of-voice of the biggest brands across several industries and gives a side-by-side comparison of a select number of KPIs. It’s supported by our Zoomph platform, which tracks a slew of signals across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ to help brands develop and monitor their social campaigns.

Access ZIndex for free now and/or contact us to gain a more complete analysis of any competitor.

Cosmetics social ranking ZIndex

From the ZIndex overview page, select an industry that you’re interested in exploring.

Choose between a ranking that’s based on the last seven days of Twitter activity, or a ranking based on the last month of activity. We’ve provided these two options to help you measure fluctuations in activity and brand exposure over time.

By default, you’ll see a ranking of the top seven brands according to how many mentions they’ve received in the last week or month, but you can arrange the ranking according to several other KPIs:

  • Gender: a breakdown of male versus female authors who’ve tweeted about each brand
  • Activity: total mentions that a brand received in the given time frame
  • Social Impressions: maximum potential exposure that a brand received from Twitter mentions
  • ZPoints®: an influence score powered by our proprietary ZPoints® algorithm, which measures the total amount of attention a brand’s received in industry-specific social conversations


Accessing Your Competitor’s Twitter Follower Report

Click on any brand from ZIndex to see its Twitter Follower Report.  This report will help you discover the shared interests, friends, and demographics of a brand’s entire follower list.

maybelline twitter follower report abbrev


Note that Twitter Follower Report looks at an entirely different dataset from what you already get with ZIndex. Twitter Follower Report looks at the demographics and conversations of a brand’s followers, giving you deeper insights into the personalities of its customer community.

With Twitter Follower report, you’ll get information on every brand’s:

  • Twitter bio & history
  • Twitter follower count
  • Followers’ demographics
  • Followers’ locations
  • Followers’ top bio words
  • Followers’ mutual friends
  • Followers’ top associations

Leverage this information to understand the cause and effect of a brand’s online performance. Determine if its targeting and attracting a new audience segment, or if a certain influencer is fostering exposure. Followers’ mutual friends and top associations can indicate if a certain sponsor, topic, event, or even competitor is fueling brand engagement across social media.

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Want to learn more?

Check out our monthly reports on our ZIndex findings! Or, start exploring ZIndex for free and schedule a free consultation with us to discuss how to maximize your social media competitive intelligence.

Schedule a free consultation

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