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How to 3x Your Ecommerce Conversions with Influencers

The age-old marketing tactics that saw brands resorting to shiny and over-the-top advertisements to attract people’s attention will hardly have an effect on today’s consumers.

The times are changing. Any kind of information is available at the click of a button, and any kind of manipulation or exaggeration is bound to fall flat on its face.

Customers now rely on their own trusted sources to verify the authenticity of the claims made by brands. Most of the time, these sources are people with substantial knowledge in a particular field whom brands are also choosing to hire for help promoting their products or services, and converting visitors into paying customers.

Influencer marketing is quickly gaining ground over many other marketing techniques. It has proven to be very successful in driving a higher marketing ROI and better sales. It can also improve brand awareness.

How to Leverage Influencer Marketing to Increase Ecommerce Conversions

Influencer marketing can turn things around for ecommerce businesses by increasing their website conversion rates. However, it takes careful planning. The following are a few suggestions to improve your influencer marketing campaign for maximum conversions:

1. Select Relevant Influencers

When it comes to influencer marketing, your main target should be an influencer’s relevance, more so than his or her reach. If you team up with an influencer who has millions of followers but doesn’t have much clue about your product or field, you will be wasting time and money.

Say, for example, you want to let people know about a new range of skincare products that you’re planning to sell through your ecommerce website. In this case, it’s better to have an influencer who’s an expert in skincare talking about your products than a famous model with a larger following but with no knowledge about skincare products.

Below is Olena’s Naked Heat Pallette (by Urban Decay) tutorial on her YouTube channel IamJustaMakeupLover. Olena has 372,000 followers on YouTube, and her tutorial received 29,861 views, 1634 likes, and 125 comments.



Needless to say, Olena was able to elevate an ordinary advertisement into a full-blown tutorial because of her experience with makeup. Olena was able to naturally weave Urban Decay into her content and give a credible review of the eyeshadow palette.

2. Build Relationships with Influencers

Just like we illustrated above, it’s important for your influencers to connect with your brand. Consumers can now differentiate authentic content from purely paid promotional content. Additionally, influencers are highly concerned about providing value to their followers in the form of genuine reviews.

Therefore, it’s crucial to build a strong connection with the influencers you hire to achieve a higher conversion rate. The influencer must genuinely like and appreciate your brand to create authentic, positive content.

Robin Arzon is a street athlete and a very popular micro-influencer. On Twitter, she has a following of 11,900, and on her Instagram, the number has reached a whopping 98,800.

In the following Twitter post, she promoted Adidas. The brand recruited her along with other influencers to build demand among women customers.



In an interview with Footwear News, Arzon said she partnered with Adidas because it has a way of elevating everyday storytellers in a way that’s genuine. Her sincerity towards the brand and her genuine appreciation for its products, especially her favorite Adidas Gazelles, reflect her strong bond with the brand.

3. Give Influencers the Freedom of Content Creation

Research shows that influencers are always more willing to work for companies that give them creative freedom. If you try to meddle too much in the process of content creation or restrict the influencer’s creativity, chances are you’ll lose out on your prospects and the influencer.

Influencers should be allowed to follow their own styles in content creation so that your brand can be promoted in a more authentic manner. Their followers will be able to pick up on content that isn’t created by them but is rather doctored by a brand.

4. Support the Influencer’s Content

Let your influencers create content in their own unique styles, but make sure to also support and contribute to the content that they are creating in whatever way possible.

This includes giving away free merch and coupons to their audiences, and promoting the reviews that they are creating for your brand on different social channels.

Also, take part in the discussions on social forums and post some user-generated content on your page. This will ensure that you’re not just actively taking part in the campaign but also showing your appreciation to your influencers.

In the following example, cosmetics and skincare brand, The Body Shop, shared content created by micro-influencer “abbie-jade” on their official Instagram page.



5. Reward Your Influencers

Rewards are a form of appreciation for a job well done. Your influencers deserve appreciation for the efforts they are making to promote your products. While there is no legal obligation behind it, it is still a custom followed by many companies that have adopted influencer marketing. A free gift, discounts, or  commission in addition to their regular pay can serve as great rewards.

Sharing your influencers’ content and thereby promoting them on your official social pages is also a form of reward. This will help you maintain a strong relationship with influencers, and inspire them to create more honest reviews about your products.

In the following Instagram post, influencer Jessenia Vice can be seen with a gift bag from Bellami. She has 196,000 followers on Instagram, and the following post received more than 3,000 likes.




6. Find Influencers Using Social Media Affiliate Marketing Platforms

You can enhance your influencer marketing efforts by using certain social media affiliate marketing tools that drive direct sales. These tools not only help you promote your brand and even increase sales, but also allows influencers to earn a commission through the sales.

Scoutsee, for example, is an app that enables its users to earn money by promoting the products they like on social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The mechanics behind Scoutsee are pretty cool: Any social post or product image promoted through the app directs you to the influencer’s Scoutsee storefront, where you can find all the products the influencer has liked, along with a shortened URL to the purchase site. Every time there is a purchase through the post, the influencer gets a commission.

The following example shows the Scoutsee storefront of Andrew DeLullo, a micro-influencer and Spartan brand ambassador with 3,127 followers on Instagram. The storefront displays the products curated by him, along with the direct purchase links.

Andrew DeLullo Scoutsee Storefront


7. Provide Value to Your Prospects

Your influencers’ content needs to focus on providing value more than promoting your brand or products directly to their followers. If the content provides something of value, consumers are far more likely to consider the advice.

The best way to explain a product to consumers is by presenting a demonstration of the product or a first-hand experience of using it.

You will find a lot of YouTubers trying out products in front of their audience and simultaneously explaining what the experience is like. Many bloggers include snapshots of the products that they are reviewing so that their readers have a better understanding. Some even embed their YouTube videos (if they have any) into their blogs for cross-channel promotion.

In the following example, an influencer unboxed and demonstrated the Petcube Play camera on YouTube. Gohan The Husky has an impressive 342,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The below video received 261,633 views and 9,522 likes, which indicates the number of people who actually watched the demonstration.



8. Don’t Delay

Influencer marketing is growing at a rapid pace. In order to do well with this marketing tactic, you need to act when the iron is still hot. In fact, influencer marketing is increasingly gaining more popularity than email marketing and paid social media ads. Your target audience is ready and waiting to listen to influencers, and to hear their purchase recommendations.

In the following example, animal influencer Courtney Dasher, who runs the page tunameltsmyheart on Instagram, declared her appreciation of The Body Shop’s campaign against animal testing.



Dasher regularly shares the experiences of Tuna, a six-year-old chiweenie, with her 1.9 million followers on Instagram. The Body Shop evidently tapped the right influencer at the right time to help spread the word about their cruelty-free products.

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The best part about online marketing is that you can keep track of every single action and subsequent results. This not only helps you to locate the pitfalls in your strategies, but also help you to make improvements and develop a better plan. Influencer marketing works in the same way. You can track the results using tools like Google Analytics.

The most important metrics for analyzing your influencer marketing efforts are:

  1. Reach – the number of followers an influencer has
  2. Impressions or views – the number of people who viewed the content
  3. Conversions – how many visitors took the desired action

If you have any questions about these tips, or anything to add, let us know at @shane_barker and @Zoomph.

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