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How to Humanize Your Fan Data (Soccerex Recap)

“Think about [social media] as the noisy bar down the street and you want the best digital pickup line to get engagement. What’s that pickup line going to be?”

You and your customer walk onto social media. What do you say? For many brands, the answer still isn’t obvious. Social media only gets more crowded every day, putting your brand next to billions of other brands all vying for the same customer. Fortunately, data provides clarity. Using data, you can zero in on your consumers and learn how to speak to their current lifestyles.

In his Soccerex 2017 presentation, our CPO Thomas Mathew discusses how to use humanized data to make more personal connections. Tune into the recording below, or continue reading to see top takeaways.


Above is a recording of the full presentation. To skip to key parts, check out the index below.


1. We live in an age of digital distraction.

In just one second, over 7,700 tweets are sent and over 800 photos are uploaded to Instagram. There’s an endless flood of content, branded and unbranded, bombarding your customer on social media.

For your brand to stand out, it really boils down to relevance and timeliness.

This means being anticipatory of your customer’s needs and wants. This means knowing their favorite places to visit and where they might end up. This means knowing what motivates their behaviors so that you can provide logical, frictionless experiences that fit into their daily lives. The problem is…

2. Traditional research methods aren’t about people.

We often rely on panel or pixel-based tracking, which is all about clicks, not people.

“If you truly want to understand the fans behind your team, you have to put a face on your first-party data. What does it mean to put a face on your first-party data? Think of the millions of fan records you have in your CRM systems and your marketing automation systems. Think of all the data you collect from ticketing. That you collect from merchandising. From retail…all that information is rich detail that you can assimilate…rather than keeping [a fan record] as a shallow, faceless record in your data assets, you need to know more about who people really are.”

3. You need real-time and historic data for accurate insights.

Our philosophy for understanding consumers is to listen to them all the time, not just when they mention your brand or engage with your content. To understand who they are, what they care about, and where they hang out, you need to tap into the right data sources and combine the strengths of each source.

Zoomph merges social media data with proprietary social identity data. Our proprietary data helps you measure the relevance of your content by providing deep, historic insights into your target audiences. Because of our ever-growing database of more than 250 million social identities, we’re able to give you details like a person’s interests, affinity towards a brand or celebrity, engagement history, influence, and more.

zoomph data solution for enriching customer records

On the other hand, real-time social media data helps you measure the timeliness of your content. You can track what your customers’ are talking about right now and how. You can learn if they’re going through a life-changing moment, have a complaint, or want to make a purchase.

By connecting these data points together, you can create a fuller buyer profile around your customer and send messages when they really matter.

4. Isolating the right data is challenging, but not impossible.

Speaking from first-hand experience, it’s hard to pinpoint and interpret meaningful data. But over the last three years, we’ve been dissecting over 102 billion social signals (e.g., topics that people talk about, follower relationships, checked-in locations, mentions, etc.) to build social graphs and enrich our database of over 250 million profiles.

5. Our data solution works.

We’ve worked with our customers, including an NBA team and Wasserman, to test our data solutions, which also let brands integrate their own data to get precise information on their customers.

Wasserman, for example, needed a way to expand a global beer company into third-world markets, namely, Eastern and Western Africa. The beer company wanted to identify a retired English Premier League (EPL) football star who could be the face of its brand in these markets.


wasserman crm enrichment with zoomph case study

Wasserman used Zoomph to map 37,000 football fans to the social media profiles, and segment them by location as well as affinity towards 12 different EPL stars. They could also segment fans by how active they were on social media, or how likely they were to drink beer.

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