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How to Defend Your Investment in Snapchat

Dear reader, I’d like to bet that you’re currently a Snapchat user or have at least heard about the platform before. If neither of those are true, pull yourself out from under that rock you’ve been living under because Snapchat is growing, and growing FAST.

Snapchat was founded by three students at Stanford University in 2011, and has since evolved into a creative, one-of-a-kind marketing platform. Snapchat was named the fastest growing social network in 2015 and just last month, Snapchat caught up to its predecessor, Facebook, with 8 billion daily video views.

Snapchat’s Value to Your Marketing

So now that you know how fast the platform is growing and the importance of its real-time, creative platform, how do you prove its value to your CMO or digital strategist? Try these 5 arguments for size.

1. It’s free

Though we’re talking investments, we’re not talking monetary investment into yet another social media or advertising channel. We’re speaking about the time investment devoted to a free mobile application for gaining an organic, diverse audience. As pointed out by social entrepreneur and CEO of Vayner Media, Gary Vaynerchuk, “The winners in this [social marketing] game are not scared to ‘waste their time.’” Even if you’re skeptical now, don’t hesitate to explore an up-and-coming application. Spend a couple late nights figuring out Snapchat. Brainstorm ways to use it to your advantage, and become true fearless innovators in the social media space.

2. It redefines everyday communication

When I first got onto the platform, it was for the sole purpose of wanting to send goofy, impermanent pictures to my friends. Now, Snapchat has evolved into a one-stop-shop for marketing and communication needs. From the creativeness of each unique geo-filter, to the full-fledged calling capability of Snapchat, it’s now one of the best ways to stay connected to your audiences, all from one place.

Aside from the communication aspect, Snapchat is the place to let your creative and visual story-telling soar to new heights. Companies like Taco Bell are flexing strong brand awareness through amusing and interactive “Snap” stories that attract consumers in more ways than one to their products.

3. Influencer marketing is made easy on Snapchat

Influencer Marketing is hot, but use this tactic on Snapchat can bring huge success to your brand.

Snapchat takeovers, whereby influencers show their face on a brand’s Snapchat for a period of time, is a great example of how Influencers can introduce a whole company of new faces to your brand. Not only can you grow your community (with little effort!), but you can also create more connections through special events, like Snapchat takeovers.


Once you’ve tapped into your influencers’ audience, warm the connection by creating more stories about your brand and transitioning to one-on-one conversations with your audience that Snapchat allows you to foster.

4. Snapchat’s unique format creates a sense of urgency, and keeps viewers coming back

Here’s the problem with other social platforms (from a marketer’s perspective). Their content never disappears. Once a visitor learns that he/she can visit the platform at any time to reap the same benefits whenever he/she chooses, a sense of urgency disappears.In retail, this constructed sense of urgency is what makes in-store sales successful.

It’s what makes Black Friday, Cyber Monday, your Fios Bundle (complete with a limited-time $400 visa card offer) so appealing. Snapchat brilliantly creates this sense of urgency with its unique, self-detonating picture/video format. Subtle in nature, this technique keeps viewers coming back to the platform every day – even multiple times a day—to digest content that will only be available for 24 hours. Imagine the boost in brand exposure and marketing opportunities with an audience that touches base with your brand every single day.

5. You can better appeal to millennials!

According to AdWeek, as of March 27th, 48.6% millennial women and 29.1% millennial men used Snapchat within the last month. The platform is still teeming with millennials, so what better place to reach them? Showing off your product in fun ways and giving viewers #BTS looks into your team is a sure way to get those young eyes looking at your stories!

Pro Tip: Want to grow your audience even more? Share your Snap Code across your other social networks. This provides a CTA for your audience to follow you on Snapchat for even more updates and information. Also, feel free to steal our Guerilla Marketing tactic by printing your Snap Code with websites like Sticker Mule to place them all over town! All the cool kids are doing it 😉



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