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How To Create a Custom Timeline In 3 Easy Steps

Last month, we explored Twitter’s groundbreaking new “Custom Timelines” feature. These allow users of the site to create tailored feeds centered around conversation topics, pushing the best content on your Twitter wall to the forefront while simultaneously organizing your Twitter interests.

Now that we’ve had some time to play around with the feature ourselves, we recommend it even more—especially if you are a growing, small to medium sized business or interested in social media marketing. That’s why we’re going to show you just how easy it is to harness this exciting new technology.


Custom Timeline Capture_2

1. To get started with Custom Timelines, sign in to TweetDeck with your Twitter account.

After you’ve signed in, you’ll see a toolbar on the left side. Click the “+” button on this bar to add a new column to your TweetDeck screen. You’ll see the option to add a “Custom Timeline.” This will create a blank column on the right side of your TweetDeck, which will become your Custom Timeline. Don’t forget: these will be made public to your followers. So make sure to start things right by typing in a catchy title and 160-character description in their respective boxes.

2. Add the best, most relevant, or most inspiring content.  

The most useful aspect of Timelines is the ability to fill them with the right Twitter content that you want to see—whether it’s just for your entertainment, or because it relates to your business, brand, or message.To showcase the Tweets you want, click on any Tweet you see in your TweetDeck, select the “More” button, and choose “Add to Custom Timeline.” Within minutes, you will have filled up your personal Timeline with the best and most relevant material, enhancing your social media experience.

3. Share it with friends and followers.   

Simply click the button to the right of your Timeline’s title, and select “Share” in the menu that pops up. With this option, you can Tweet out your Timeline, or even take things a step further by embedding it into a Twitter feed widget for your website.


Twitter’s Custom Timelines put a new focus on influence—and influencer marketing for that matter—that will cultivate even more social media interaction. With over 400 million Tweets sent each day, culling the best social content amidst the chaos of Twitter has never been more important. But luckily, with the right social media marketing tools and Twitter, sharing your favorite material with friends and followers has never been easier.


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