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Make an impact with your brand story by gaining a deep understanding of your audiences and using intelligent social analytics to guide strategic marketing decisions.

3 Pro-Tips to Help You Find Your ‘Mark’ with Social Media Analytics.

March 25, 2015

Measuring your social media marketing can be challenging. So many numbers, rates and percentages to share, but each have very broad interpretations. Sure, your post reached 1.1 million people. But Read More

7 Social Marketing Statements that Will THRILL Your CMO

March 11, 2015

When it comes to pleasing our Chief Marketing Officers, social media progress is the last thing we want to talk about. That’s because Executive Leadership is tasked with developing the Read More

The 3 Companies EVERY Marketer Should Track On Social

March 04, 2015

Do you think it’s Apple? Maybe Starbucks or Nike for their amazing use of user-generated content on Instagram? Well, we tricked you a little: there’s no single brand that is Read More

3 Ways, 1 Solution: How To Keep Your Social Content Edgy AND Clean

February 25, 2015

When consulting brands on social media content strategy,  the number one question I always get is “Yeah but….what kind of content works?” As a marketer, I can read between the lines Read More

Your Questions Answered: Top Tips for User-Generated Content

February 06, 2015

Last week, I was proud to host a webinar with The Social Media Monthly, entitled Keeping It Real: The Value of User-Generated Content.  Because we received an overwhelming amount of Read More

Why Social Analytics Are The New Normal For Strategic Marketing

February 05, 2015

*Sigh* How many times can we beat this dead horse. Marketers must have a social media strategy to stay connected to their consumer needs in 2015. We’ve said it, you Read More

Big Brands Duke-It-Out on Social for Black Friday

December 01, 2014

You may remember, we recently discussed the 4 BEST social media marketing rules for a successful Black Friday campaign. Now it’s time to see which brand did the best job Read More

Chat Into The Black: 4 Social Marketing Rules To Dominate Black Friday

November 25, 2014

Take a deep breath. Black Friday madness is officially here. With over 140 Million holiday shoppers expected to take part this year (including 8 out of 10 millennials!), brands and Read More

Small Business Week: How To Take Advantage Of This Week’s Buzz

May 14, 2014

If you hadn’t already heard, it’s National Small Business week! And if you’re a small business, this is your time to rejoice in being the center of the social media Read More