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‘Filter by Audience’ to Find What Your Ideal Customers are Saying

Social media is constantly buzzing with conversations surrounding your brand, your competitors, or your customer’s real-time experiences.

For brand managers, social media is crucial for preemptive brand positioning. By tracking social activity, you can identify key discussion topics or product qualities to emphasize in your messaging.

However, filtering through the noise can feel like an impossible task. There’s far too much data for you to accumulate or sort through on your own, nonetheless consolidate with existing datasets to see where your customers fit in.

Zoomph’s latest update lets you track conversations and isolate the opinions of your target consumers. By filtering any Zoomph feed by audience membership, you can gain deeper insights from your social listening efforts.

Powerful Filtering

Available to Enterprise users, ‘filter by audience’ works like any other filter on your Feed Moderation or Overview pages.

filter by audience option in zoomph

This filter references audiences that you’ve created in Audience Builder. If you haven’t built an audience, go to Audience Builder and create a dynamic or static audience; dynamic audiences let you define audiences based on their interests, demographics, and other traits, whereas static audiences let you upload a CSV of handles.

By creating an audience, you enable Zoomph to search its database of 350 million social profiles and return a report of your consumers’ top interests, brand affinities, and more. You can also discover which characteristics are most unique to your audience in comparison to all of social media or another custom audience.

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‘Filter by audience’ will return posts by authors who match your audience criteria and are also involved in the trending conversation that you’re tracking with your feed. You can add multiple audiences to find users who match [Audience A] OR [Audience B].

social media audience filtered by zoomph


Identify Topics that Resonate

A successful brand today is up to date with current affairs and, more importantly, their customers’ stance on them. Our new filter helps you uncover topics that actually matter to your customers and immerse yourself in their conversations. By understanding their perspective on hot-button issues or trending subjects, you can breathe easier when reflecting on your own brand messaging.

Measure Purchase Intent in Real Time

Many companies with social listening strategies end up hoarding empty data. In other words, though you might be tracking social activity, most of your data probably goes untouched because posts in isolation mean very little.

A user who posts about his new shoes one minute may talk about something completely the next. If you only look at his posts by a minute-by-minute or day-by-day basis, you lack the context to fully understand his behaviors or predict next actions.

With our new filter, you can gain context behind a user’s real-time activity. For example, when a consumer tweets, “Looking for some new kicks,” and matches your audience criteria (e.g., millennial, likes cross-country running, and has a high affinity for Nike), you can infer that he might be choosing Nike over Under Armour for running shoes. Furthermore, he might be interested in attending an upcoming marathon in his hometown.

With this type of information, you can segment users according to their real-time interests, and gauge the best products, promotions, or influencers to highlight in your marketing.

Report on Specific Interest Groups

Customize your digital reports to various personas or audience segments. For instance, one sports team used this feature to report on three target segments: fans who drink beer, fans who like video games, and fans who like working out.

They created three audiences based on these traits, alongside a feed tracking their branded handles. Using our filters, they were able to measure their success in engaging each segment and could identify ways to keep them engaged.

Identify Your Active Followers

How many of your followers actually engage with your content? How about your competitor’s content? Create a feed tracking your branded hashtags, conversations, or competitor campaigns. Then, filter by an audience of people who follow you on social media. Instantly discover how many of your followers are actively engaged in your campaigns and track their experiences. You can also filter feeds by your competitor’s followers to find consumers who might be looking to switch brands.

How are you planning to use your new filters? Tweet us @Zoomph or email us at support@zoomph.

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