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How to Bring the “Custom” Back to Customer Experience Using Social Media

Across every industry, and in every space, there are countless companies jockeying for the same consumers. When it comes to researching products and services, buyers will often come across a number of companies with similar, high-quality offerings.

But the companies with the “it” factor offer one additional thing: exceptional customer experience.

By now, nearly 90% of companies compete mostly on the customer-experience front, according to Gartner.

Quality customer experience is integral to attracting and retaining customers. It also goes beyond answering questions and providing assistance just when it’s needed.

Today’s customers expect entirely unique, individualized experiences. The experience needs to be custom.


Customizing the Customer Experience

To provide a “custom” customer experience, you must learn more about your customer. This doesn’t start and end with learning more about the customer’s company, or even his/her specific business needs. It involves learning about the actual individual(s) whom you’ll be collaborating with.

You must know what type of skillset your customer has to understand how to help them. You need to understand their personalities to connect with them at a deeper level, and to build trust, rapport, and loyalty.

Treat your customers as people, instead of mere credit-card holders.

A customer’s relationship with your brand will matter just as much as their satisfaction with your product. These interpersonal relationships will make it easier to bring up trickier business conversations in the future, and will keep your interactions from seeming as transactional as they otherwise could be.


3 Steps for Getting to Know Your Customer

So how do you go about knowing your customer on a personal level? Believe it or not, a little bit of social media research can go a long way.

By looking up your customers’ social media identities and activity, you can gain inspiration for sparking genuine conversations and building stronger business relationship.

In essence, I encourage you to channel your inner Taylor Swift.



Cyber-stalk because you care, and look for these telling signs:

  • Is your customer active on social media? Our team taps into social media to gauge our customer’s familiarity with social media, social tech, and marketing trends. This helps us prepare for our conversations and customize Zoomph strategies to our customers’ strengths. Even if you don’t work in the social media industry, you can learn more about a person’s expertise or opinions in your given field. Checking if someone is active online and well-versed in your field can provide a solid foundation for your work together.
  • How does your customer express him or herself online? Likes? Dislikes? Discover what your customers talk about, and how they share about it. Ask, should you adopt a more casual tone when emailing meme-lovers who tweet about everything ranging from their day jobs to their favorite TV shows? Do you see any opportunities for great small talk, especially for calls and emails? I’ve met numerous clients who were former lacrosse players, golfers, and fantasy-footballers—being a sports junkie myself, this has definitely made meetings and conference calls much more enjoyable.
  • Follow and engage with your clients on social media. Most of your clients will appreciate likes, shares, and comments. Whether it’s towards something they wrote, a link they shared, or a random musing about Beyoncé’s twins, if you have an authentic (and appropriate) reaction to it, you should engage with them. It’ll show that you value their thoughts and ideas as more than just a customers’. It’ll help keep you and your company top-of-mind, and you might even generate new ideas, or collaboration opportunities, as it relates to your work together.




Our Proof of Concept

Social data is more accessible than ever, so plugging a name into Twitter and taking a few scrolls through someone’s timeline is easy to incorporate into your customer onboarding routine. But for more enriched stats, our customer experience team leverages our platform to discover our customers’ everyday interests.

Our Twitter Follower Analytics tool lets you look up any public handle and discover the top brand associations of an individual handle and his/her followers, alongside their top bio words and mutual friends. We can learn more about who our customers are, what they talk about, who they influence, and which influencers or brands they engage with most.

This information has enabled us to send gifts ranging from custom t-shirts and phone chargers, to Snap Spectacles, depending on a person’s everyday interests. We’re able to go from having strict business conversations one minute, to more casual chats over food and drinks the next.



As a result, customers have entrusted us with bigger projects and joined our mission to grow our platform by offering their rich feedback and suggestions.

Our customers have also been amazing at working with us instead of against us when an issue arises.

And to the great relief of our CX reps—our customers have been more welcoming of conversations around traditionally touchy subjects like renewals, or contract upgrades.


Our Commitment

Our team strives to put our customers first. And so, providing custom experiences has become a company-wide prerogative.

We aim to personalize every touchpoint from initial onboarding, to renewal, and to expansion, leveraging our social identity data to gain insight into the personality of every customer.

As social media continues to evolve, our goal is to whittle down the data to what matters, and give brands the tools and insights they need to get to know their customers. No matter how big your company, your customer should be recognized as more than a number.

So take the time. Do a little research. Customize every experience. Your customers and business will thank you for it.

Happy cyber-stalking!


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