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Can Twitter Moments Help Your Brand Become the Superman of Brands?

Before we give our verdict, let’s begin by demystifying what it takes to become the superman of brands—and what better way to do this than to look at Superman himself?

The Man of Steel flourishes from having a heart for the people, bionic hearing and vision, superhuman strength, and near-invulnerability, amid other superpowers.

And believe it or not, your brand can enjoy the same powers by dubbing social media as your sidekick and realizing the power of influencer marketing.

While your sidekick Social Media provides the superhuman abilities to see your audience from afar and to “hear” their silent calls of distress online, your influencers provide the invulnerability and muscle associated with knowing your citizenry inside out.

Through our diagnosis of Twitter Moments—a new feature released by an established superbrand—you may find that your greatest strength also lives with your users.

A role model in Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments, for those who are less familiar, is a feed capturing “the best of what’s happening on Twitter in an instant.” It highlights top stories and the best tweets, handpicked by a group of Twitter staff who look at content provided by partner brands, like New York Times and NFL.


In our eyes, a few things stand out as Moments’ best qualities. They are:

1. A focus on user generated content (UGC)

Instead of relying too much on its own muscle and the content that Twitter staffers are able to create, Twitter finds its super strength in its supporting brands. The company curates from UGC and drives home the idea that by allowing your users to share in your brand voice, you can better engage and represent them.

2. A partnership with big publishers

Bleacher Report. Buzzfeed. Fox News. Getty Images. Twitter teams with these recognizable brands, plus others, to receive behind-the-scene information. Twitter also aims to be in many places at once, something that Superman can’t even achieve, by finding representatives all over the globe. These representatives not only increase the brand’s reach and mobility, but provides the expertise that the company needs to remain a reliable source.

3. An eye for spotting trends before they become trends

The company doesn’t wait on a call for action; it keeps ahead of the game by starting feeds on topics that have the potential to trend on social media. This proactive and resourceful approach (we suspect that their partners clue them in on important news and up-and-coming topics) sets them apart as leaders on the social media front. They waste less time playing catch up with trends set ablaze by other competitors, and instead take command of the playing field.

4. Love for the media

The media, though sometimes an intimidating crowd, is not your enemy. Twitter fully embraces journalists and other media men with Moments, even offering a platform on which stories can be broken and headlined. In Superman terms – they’re the “Clark Kent” to Twitter’s identity.

Our Secret Weapon? Influencer Marketing

Consider these tips to bring together your influencer marketing and content curation strategy:

1. Employ a social-media monitoring platform like ours that locates your influencers all around the world

Don’t simply look at the number of followers a person has, but delve into how their posts are being received by other users. Do people actually care about what they have to say?

Influencer Screen Grab

Using a metric called ZPoints, which measures influence based on retweets, shares, and conversations sparked by a user’s post on social media, our platform creates an easy-to-read “Influencer List” for you to refer to.

2. Observe what your influencers publish

Once identifying these users, keep a close eye on the content that they publish. See which posts spark the most conversations, and reflect them in your own posts by spotlighting popular topics, answering their questions, and incorporating the different ways that they talk about a topic.

3. Empower your Influencers

Directly engage your influencers’ opinions by asking for their feedback on what content they wish to consume or share with their networks. Also, don’t hesitate from including their posts in your content curation. Embed their posts or quote from them.  Your influencers’ voices may prove just as powerful as another brand’s.

4. Optimize every Social Media platform

Go beyond a single platform. Remember that every platform has its own perks and reaches a different audience. So go outside of Twitter (or your other platform of choice), and work every platforms that’s readily available at your fingertips.

If you’re seeking extra training on finding your influencers, our Zoomph team is happy to help. Our goal is to help your brand become a Superman of its own kind, with a face and name that’s as iconic as that golden “S.”

Begin mastering influencer marketing by starting a free trial with us today.

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