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7 Steps to Creating Your Personal Brand

The following post is by Dom Garrett. Dom is a @MyCMGR Producer, CMGR for @BTCrevolutions and recent #ATX resident!  Dom has worked closely with brands of all shapes & sizes and understands the importance of developing an ‘authentic’ brand. We asked Dom to discuss the steps to creating a personal brand – here are his answers. For more from Dom, follow him @DomGarrett.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon


1. Use Your ‘Superpower’ to Develop your Brand Messaging.

When developing a persona the first step has to be listening. You really want to make sure that you are doing a good job of tapping into your brands community. They are a gold mine of information and should be the first and last stop before getting that persona. Secondly, you need to look at the goals that you have and realize that you might not be able to reach ALL of them with a persona but you need to hone in on the important ones and the ones you want to knock out of the park. Focus on that and the feedback from the community and start building from there.


2. Focus on Values Important to Your Community.

I imagine I am going to sound like a broken record but you need to focus on the community. They are always your top priority and things should be built around keeping them engaged and happy. You will be amazed how many things will fall into place when you focus energy there. As far as what should not be focused on, there is a time and a place for just about everything, from campaign success to bottom line figures. They key is the balance of focus on the right thing.


3. Capitalize on the Energy.

Screenshot the awesome. This is right from Brian Fanzo (@iSocialFanz), but when you get energy and excitement from people, save that screenshot and put them all together. It is like a jolt of energy knowing you are doing something right. The other tip is to LEAN into the excitement. Keep your eyes on the ultimate prize, but let the snowball take you. It shows flexibility (people like that) and it allows you to try and direct towards that end goal!

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4. Measure Engagement…then, Measure AGAIN.

There is never one metric that truly measures success. You don’t want to focus solely on vanity metrics like views or page likes or website hits. They matter and can be a bit of a benchmark, they are not everything. I choose to focus on engagement and # of engagements per user. The stickiness grows with each engagement. Likes are good but a comment is better. Better than that is a share. And even better is a recommendation of more content. Those are the big things to focus on and you need to know how to turn someone into a commenter from a liker.


5. Use Social Media Listening Tools

Social listening tools are everywhere now. You can use tools like Zoomph, tools like Nuvi, tools like SpyderCube. They all give you a lot of information but I honestly believe that the tool is only as good as the person using it. You have to be willing to put in the time to learn and the flexibility to move to the next tool if this one isnt quite fitting right.

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6. Just Be Yourself!

I tried to have a persona at first that I like to call “Business Dom.” I was proper, used as close to perfect grammar as I could and was super respectful and professional. That was something that was easy to do for about two weeks. But I wanted to be able to say my thoughts on other things (like pop culture and sports) and I was worried that I was going to ruin the persona my Twitter had taken on. So, I made the conscious decision to literally just be myself. Not worrying about if me talking about baseball or a beer on my twitter would cost me a job opportunity down the line. I keep it fresh by being me, it is not hard to keep up a voice that you know to be your own. I have many interests and I let those bleed into my brand because they are who I am and I want to work and deal with people that are on board with those things and not expect something else other than myself.

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7. Find inspiration from a few great brands who have withstood the test of time by adapting, but never fully ‘changing’.

Coke. They are classics and their branding has adapted to be more of a millennial focused while holding those classic roots. I am in love with how Taco Bell has adapted to social media (especially SnapChat), they know the market and they are on top of it. I would throw GoPro in this mix too. They may not go as far back as Taco Bell and Coke, but they know how to have a voice and let that voice carry from the causal fan to the hard-core stunt drivers.


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