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5 Tips for Reducing Your Instagram Stories Bounce Rate

It takes less than a second for users to skip your Instagram Stories. That hurts.

Truth is, though there are 300 million Instagram users tuning into Stories every day, it can be very challenging to catch the attention of your user.

Using too many visuals can make your Instagram Stories look flashy. But attractive visuals without relevant text can stunt your engagement rate.

So how do you stop the skip, and make sure that your Instagram Stories perform better? Let’s take a look at five of the most effective, actionable strategies for Stories.

1. Add CTAs

Don’t leave your followers wondering what they are supposed to do next after watching your Instagram Story. Add a call-to-action (CTA).

CTAs are one of the most important components of your Stories. They direct your followers to the next step and tell them exactly what to do next.

It’s obvious that you want your followers to feel engaged and like, comment, and/or share your content. You might even hope that they visit your website and make a purchase. But they’re not going to read your mind and do any of that unless you specifically tell them to. So when you post a Story, make sure to include a clear CTA.

North Face does a great job when it comes to using CTAs and guiding their followers to the next step. For example, the screenshot below is from their Instagram Story for Valentine’s Day. At the end of the Story, they tell their viewers to swipe up to shop sleeping bags.


north faces creative instagram story for valentines day


2. Use the Right Tags

We all know that using hashtags on a traditional Instagram post can boost your brand’s reach and increase awareness. But have you ever thought of using tags in your Story?

When you add a hashtag to your Story, viewers will be able to tap on the tag to find similar Stories. Keep in mind that the quality of your content matters. Your hashtagged Story may not appear in a user’s search if you don’t receive a lot of engagement.

However, when done right, hashtags can help broaden your reach by the thousands.

Consider using keyword or trending hashtags, so people searching for related topics can discover your Stories. Or, create branded hashtags so people can recognize and easily find content associated with your brand.

Location tags can also help people in your target region discover you. For example, Lake Norman Surf Co. offers wakesurfing lessons and uses Stories to remind their followers about the start of wakesurfing season. In one Story, they used location and temperature stickers to get their Story on people’s radars and to highlight their message.


instagram story ad by lake norman surf company

Using mentions is also a great way to make your Instagram Stories stand out from others. Adding mentions or giving a shout-out to your loyal fans is like hitting two targets with one arrow. Mentions will help your Stories perform better by acknowledging your fans and giving them a reason to both view and share your content.

3. Add Instagram Story Ads

When they first launched in January 2017, Instagram Stories ads were only available to big brands like Netflix and Nike. But by March 2017, this feature became available to all types of companies, giving you the option to create 10-second photo ads, 15-second video ads, or carousel ads.

Instagram Story Ads now offer a solution for you to increase brand awareness, leads, app installs, and more without having to produce TV-like content. Marketers have also been slow to adopt Stories, making Stories far less saturated than the News Feed and other digital channels.

That being said, your Instagram ad must grab the attention of your followers within the first few seconds. The message should be easy to understand and help your followers make quick decisions.

Ensure that your ad has strong, relatable, and meaningful visuals, alongside a clear CTA.

For example, Canadian wireless carrier Fido wanted to promote their newly launched “Fido Roam,” a global roaming product. They used Instagram Stories Ads to promote their product and get people talking about it.


instagram story ad by fido
Source: Social Media Today


The brand used compelling images, perfectly suited background colors, and simple text and achieved a video completion rate of 24%.

4. Conduct Interactive Polls with Your Followers

There is no doubt that conducting polls through Instagram Stories can be very engaging and appealing to your followers. But you can also use this strategy to figure out what type of content your followers would prefer to see.

For your brand to grow, your content needs to be tailored to your followers. Polls make it easy for your followers to share their opinions with your brand and feel personally invested in your channel’s growth.

For instance, Hello Fresh, an international meal-kit company based in Berlin, conducted an interactive poll to find out which food creations or recipes their followers would like to try. This information helped the brand move forward with their product development process.

hello fresh poll on instagram


5. Add URLs

Add URLs to your Instagram Stories to drive traffic and boost sales. Currently, this Instagram feature is only available for business accounts with more than 10,000 followers.

However, if you have access to it, this feature lets you link your Stories to a specific product or service page, making it easy for your followers to add a product or services to their shopping cart.

Explore Canada uses links to drive traffic to their blog from their Instagram. The tourism company collaborates with different travel groups and tailors both their Instagram Stories and links to specific promotions.

The screenshot below uses links to direct their followers to a blog post about travel planning tips to the Great White North. By the end of the blog post, they give readers a chance to contact a travel agent.


explore canada story ad that uses a url


Parting Thoughts

Instagram Stories are a highly effective way to increase your brand’s reach, sales, and authenticity. But to create a lasting impact on your followers, you need to create interesting and attractive Instagram Stories.

Implement the five actionable tactics mentioned above to help your Instagram Stories stand out from others. You can use all of them, or just figure the one or two that suit your marketing strategies best.

If you know of any other effective strategies that can make Instagram Stories perform better, share them with us by tweeting us @Zoomph!

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