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5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Tracking Your #Hashtags

Tis’ the season of @Symbols, Emojis and Hashtags!

The World Wide Web’s language is going through a transition and hashtags are playing a big role in propelling that growth.

Born on Twitter on August 23 in the year 2007, hashtags are taking over the (social media) world one pound sign # at a time.

But there is a lot more to them than what meets the eye.

For starters, did you know that tweets that contain hashtags receive more than twice the engagement than those without them and that tweets with one or more hashtag are 55 percent more likely to be retweeted? Reason enough for you to start using them? Nope, reason enough for you to start tracking them to ensure their effectiveness. No second chances here!


“What happens on Social Media stays on Google forever”!

Hashtag campaigns – (as marketers famously refer to it) are excellent ways to generate organic conversations, and as marketers we know that powerful conversations leave us with a lot of data and analytics to muse over. Often times, relevant data prove absolutely essential when planning future campaigns or even tweaking existing ones.

Let’s understand why it is so important to understand the data behind hashtags. The basic rule of implementing a solid social media strategy is to understand everything you possibly can about your target audience.

We rounded up the top five reasons for you to not just use hashtags but track every single hashtag in that is being used in your marketing campaign.

1. Activity Over Time

Analyzing the social media activity over a period of time is one of the best ways to determine the time at which the likelihood of your social post or ad getting the most responses is the highest.

Our hashtag tracking feature lets you monitor the activity generated by your search over time, to understand when your audience is most active and more importantly, what is triggering that engagement.

2. You Get Real Numbers

As marketers you need to know the exact number of people you reach through your hashtag campaign. Zoomph’s new hashtag analytics give you an instant, one-glance view of everything you need to know for planning and evaluating the progress of your hashtag campaign.

Last week, we looked at the top six retailers of the country and analyzed their social media activity as they geared up for their biggest sale day of the season – Black Friday.  Here are the numbers that our feed pulled in for the top four hashtags – #BlackFriday #KohlsSweepstakes #CyberMonday and #Starwars.
Summary Statistics 2
Getting accurate numbers such as total activity generated by a hashtag, number of unique authors that participated, total number of audiences reached, social impressions, and the number of people that engaged with your campaign will help you measure and monitor the success of your campaign.

3. Audience Demographics

Having an in-depth understanding of who your audience is helps in executing successful digital marketing campaigns. Whether your audience is male-dominant or female-dominant, baby boomers or millennials, Gen-X, or Gen-Z and what ethnicity they belong to – having this information at your fingertips can come super handy when you are crafting your campaign messages.
Demographics 2
It is rather interesting to see that more males engaged with the hashtag #KohlsSweepstakes and more females engaged with #Starwars.

4. Top Word Associations

Now, let’s look at the top hashtags that were associated with all six of them during that time
Top Keywords
Now, put yourself in the shoes of these companies and think – wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly the kind of audience that is engaging with your hashtag to help you craft better and more targeted marketing strategies? We bet you will enjoy tracking your hashtags.

5. Top Networks

Don’t spend time building strategies for social networks that don’t interest your audiences. Does your target audience prefer Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Google Plus? Get an exact breakdown of which social platform is attracting the most attention from your audiences so that you can focus your social efforts on the right channels. For example, we ran a feed on “Coffee” and discovered the that top two hashtags  #Coffee and #Starbucks received the most engagement on Twitter and Instagram.

Coffee Feed Social Networks


Over to You

So now that we’ve highlighted some reasons to show you the power of data behind every hashtag, it is time for you give this a try and discover the hidden gems of insights that are waiting to be uncovered for your brand.

The beauty of hashtag analytics lies within its one-glance easy-to-view dashboard that gives you information on all the important metrics you need to be aware of to run a successful campaign.

After all, no brand wants to go through a hashtag fiasco like DiGiorno Pizza did when they jumped onto the hashtag #WhyIStayed – which was being used for raising awareness on domestic violence to promote their pizzas. Ouch!

This is precisely why you need to start paying more attention to your hashtags.

We rest our case here.

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