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3 Ways to Find Social Selling Leads on Twitter

“Social selling is one of the hottest buzzwords in the technology market.”
Forbes SAPVoice (2014)

With our business and social lives moving ever-more online, social selling—the process of including social media outreach as part of the sales process—continues to rank as a top digital marketing buzzword well into 2016.

Unlike cold calls and email campaigns, social media allows you to casually build a relationship before making a sales pitch. You can personalize your outbound sales strategy and warm up leads before initiating that first official touch.

As a salesperson, filtering through Twitter’s 320 million monthly users for leads may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, these three strategies can ease your burden and help guide you through Twitter prospecting.

1. Participate in Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats are public conversations that anybody can join. During a Chat, a moderator will normally ask anywhere between 5 to 10 questions over the course of an hour. Meanwhile, participants submit their answers using the Chat’s designated #hashtag and converse freely amongst themselves.

Twitter Chats occur daily and span numerous topics, which means that there’s likely one aligned with your vertical. Participating in a Chat is a great way to meet people in your industry and to identify prospects who could benefit from your services and/or product. It’s also safe to say that your marketing team will love you for generating organic conversation around your company.

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After the Chat, be sure to ‘follow’ the people you hit it off with, especially the new prospects. Tweet at them and express your appreciation for their contributions. If they happen to follow you back, consider sending a direct message to initiate a deeper conversation. Depending on the individual’s level of interest in your company, you can start off with a sales pitch, or nurture the relationship for another week or two before moving forward with a pitch.

ProTip: Don’t spam a Twitter Chat with promos on your product or service. Only mention your offering when it’s relevant and contributes to the conversation.

For example, during one recent Twitter Chat that I participated in, the moderator asked, “How do you find relevant hashtags in your industry?” Naturally, I thought of Zoomph. I informed the chat group of our platform’s advanced hashtag tracking abilities, hoping to spread the wealth:


2. Follow up with your followers

One of the best parts about vetting Twitter followers for leads is that many of them will connect with you first! Every new follower presents you with an opportunity to strike up a conversation and foster a relationship that’s mutually beneficial.

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After deciding if the follower is a viable prospect, you can choose to build that relationship slowly by liking and commenting on his/her tweets over a period of time. OR, you can kick off your new connection on a strong personal note by sending a muted tweet or DM thanking them for the follow.

You should extend the same courtesy to those who interact with your content. Thanking users for a retweet and/or responding to their comments are two great ways to strengthen your social relationships.

Pro Tip: When reaching out to followers, don’t lead with a list of your company’s value props. When introducing yourself, show your personality and demonstrate that you’ve payed attention to the user’s interests and tweets.


social selling

3. Identify prospects with Twitter Searches

Sales professionals know that list-building is no picnic in the park. If only there was a way to instantly compile a list of professionals in your industry by searching for key titles. Oh wait, there is!

Twitter has advanced search capabilities that allow you to filter mentions of key terms by a user’s location, bio description, etc. You can run these searches on Twitter periodically to update your prospect list.

For those of us who would prefer running just one search to receive enriched data on prospects, tools like Zoomph can be helpful. Using our platform, you can create a search query that’ll collect posts from Twitter and other social platforms. You can also apply custom workflows and advanced filtration to narrow down search results and produce a list of targets who have key titles and words in their social bios (CMO, Account Manager, Purchasing etc.).

You can also search their Author Cards to learn more about their affinities, and to form a stronger connection at first touch. For example, if you were to reach out to me with a tweet quoting Youtubers Rhett & Link, you would successfully snag my attention and entice me to respond.

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Pro Tip: Pay attention to your prospects’ level of activity and influence in the social sphere. People with high influence are likely to be very active on social media, which makes a social-selling approach the ideal method to attract their attention.

With an ever-increasing number of online users, social selling is here to stay. Sales methods have always adapted to new technologies (could you imagine being a salesperson today without a telephone or email at your expense?).

Now, the time has come for sales teams to adopt social media technology. Leveraging these new mediums of communication will help capture qualified leads, and deepen the interaction between the salesperson and customer.

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