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2015 : The Year of Social Listening & Influencer Marketing

As a young company, we always keep our eyes and ears open for learning what is going on in the industry and what the pain points of our customers are. Our industry has made some significant strides in 2015 and so have we. From being early proponents of influencer marketing and launching our new enriched influencer profile – Zoomph Cards to being the first in the industry to launch emoji analytics, we have embraced and taken action around some of the biggest trends in social media.

It is no wonder then that this past year, we took charge to address some of the gaps in the way social media monitoring was being done by the industry at large. We noticed a growing need for tracking emoticons – that are so popularly being used by users all over to convey “emotions” towards a brand. Additionally, with the rise of influencer marketing, there was also a demand for getting access to rich data that gives you crucial information on your influencers and the topics that resonate the most with them.

The point we are getting at is – we’ve heard you. And, we are happy to share with you a snapshot of some of the most crucial updates that we made to our platform this year.

1. Twitter Polls

Built to replace the traditional voting widgets that only let you vote, our Twitter Polls are designed to inspire organic excitement amongst your viewers by letting users vote, see the progress and the results of the poll in real-time. What’s more is that our polling widget allows you to easily embed these polls on your website. And, the retweet widget allows you to display and receive votes through retweets. Read more about it here.

2. Workflow Automation

Don’t work hard to automate! Redefine the rules of no-touch moderation for all your inbound content so you can scale up your social campaigns. The top things that that set our workflow automation feature apart from the others are:

  • The ability to understand complex Boolean logic that can easily be built on prompts including author characteristics, message, geo-location, date and every other feature that you can imagine.
  • Allows you to scale no-touch social media activations without investing any human capital.
  • The ability to automate all moderation actions available in Zoomph.
  • Real-time cataloging of social data into topics.

Ready to manage your social media hours better in the New Year? Read on.

3. Emoji Analytics

Companies have long struggled with understanding the value add behind using emojis in campaigns. Not only are they difficult to track but they are also changing by the minute in real-time based on their social media popularity and usage. Our new feature called Emoji Analytics comes to the rescue! Our detailed Emoji Reports help you discover emojis based on demographics, generational profile, ethnicity and social channels.

4. Hashtag Analytics

Hashtags are taking over the (social media) world one pound sign # at a time. Hashtag campaigns are excellent ways to generate organic conversations, and marketers we know that powerful conversations leave us with a lot of data and analytics to muse over. More often than not, relevant data proves absolutely essential when planning future campaigns.

Our hashtag tracking feature lets you monitor the activity generated by your search over time, to understand when your audience is most active and more importantly, what is triggering that engagement. Additionally, it gives you information on audience demographics, top word associations and more. All this is presented through a one-glance easy-to-view dashboard that gives you information on all the important metrics you need to be aware of to run a successful campaign. Get complete information here.

5. Affinities

One of the main things that we took note of from all the industry listening that we do is that our peers have only touched the tip of the (humongous) iceberg that “influencer marketing” as a practice entails. But for us, it is not just about the tip of the iceberg– because we have delved deeper than simply measuring influence and sentiment, we are now able to measure brand and entertainment affinities, a user’s psychographic profile  and your audiences’ interests too. Our affinities feature displays information on authors personal bio (if tracking information through Twitter), influencer score – which is the total influence by a particular author across all his posts pulled in a particular feed, the highest ZPoints® any of his posts (current or past) has ever earned till date, and the number of posts he has published in the said feed. Talk about having access to data that truly matters! Learn about how we do this by reading the complete blog here.

6. Instagram Analytics

In 2015, we also introduced Instagram Analytics – that is, all our great analytical capabilities became available for tracking a brand’s engagement on Instagram! Our analytics help you learn about the gender of your followers as well as their location, including top countries and cities. Also, discover follower interests, identify top content, and monitor your audience growth over time.

7. Third Party Integration Tools

This past year, we widened our out-of-the-box connectors to offer support for:

  • Enterprise Social Networks – Bridge the gap between your internal and external branding to enhance employee experience. Zoomph opened its doors to Salesforce Chatter, an enterprise social network connecting employees with one another. Now, any company with Salesforce, plus a premium Zoomph account, can request Chatter integration onto their Zoomph platform – just ask, and we’ll hook you up. Get more information here.
  • Blog and Forum Content – Your influencers on social are active on blogs and forums as well. With our new RSS connector we make it easy for you to listen across platforms such as SquareSpace, Tumblr, Reddit, Medium amongst many others.
  • Photos – Bring your engagement hubs to life. Our platform now helps ingest content from your internal image collections

8. Visuals

2015 was clearly the year when user-generated-content attracted the most amount of attention as a tool to enhance marketing campaigns. Captivating, responsive and engaged – social media visualization is a movement in itself and we are proud to be active members of it.  Our visuals are optimized to drive engagement for any conversation, on any device, for your website, mobile app, or live event. More information here.

Visual Capabilities


  • Social + Ad Sync
  • Avatar Map
  • Avatar Ticker
  • Collage Widget
  • Heat Map Widget
  • Influencer Leaderboard
  • Multi-Photo Widget
  • Multi-Widget
  • Photo Ticker
  • Poll Widgets
  • Retweet Widgets
  • Sentiment Widgets
  • Single Widgets
  • Topic Leaderboards
  • Twitter Ticker
  • Word Cloud Widget
  • ZPoint Trend Widgets

Event Displays

  • Collage
  • Collage with Leaderboard
  • Holiday Collage
  • Vertical Collage
  • Tiles
  • Single Item
  • Scrapbook
  • Poll Display

If you’ve been hanging on to dated social media monitoring systems, waiting for the right time to join the Zoomph community, that moment is here. These are just some of the many updates of 2015. And, they are all available to simplify your social media life so that you can monitor smart, listen intuitively and bring all of your creative campaigns to life.

There is so much that was new in the year 2015 for us that you have to take a few minutes to explore our platform and read about our new features. If you are a member and have not explored these features yet, feel free to give us a shout @Zoomph and we’d be happy to walk you through the updates. If you are a new visitor, there really is no better time to join the community sign up for a demo today.

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