Audience Sentiment Analysis

Track sentiment around social mentions and campaigns

Understand what’s resonating with your audiences on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube with Zoomph's sentiment analysis tools.

Scale and automate research. Activate tools that query social media for keywords, hashtags, or brand mentions, then use text analysis to decipher emotions.

Measure affinity towards various brands. Discover consumer sentiment around competitors or potential sponsors. Zoomph lets you define and track custom audiences, then filter through their brand affinities by industry.

Identify trends. View dashboards, content streams, and heat maps of positive, negative, or neutral sentiment. Geo-fence real-world locations to track global, regional, or local activity.

Track impact. Know when an influencer is speaking positively or negatively about your brand. Zoomph's influence-scoring algorithm, ZPoints®, makes it possible to find authors and content that are gaining virality.