Audience Management API

Build powerful dashboards that display collective interests, behaviors, and traits of your audience to enhance your segmentation strategy.

It’s not uncommon for segmentation strategies to be informed by the same industry reports or general focus groups. But your audience is unique. Zoomph’s Audience Analytics lets you get granular with your research and understand what makes your audience special.

Get 100% Unique Insights

Powered by our Audience Analytics you can build personas to drive marketing decisions by bringing your ideas to the forefront of planning before campaign activations have actually started. Our unique insights provide your agency with a shared understanding of users in terms of interests, behaviors, and opinions.

Track Over 190 Attributes

Zoomph Customer Identity Appends enriches data across various categories: wealth, purchasing power, demographics, geographics, socio-economic status, personality traits, hobbies and interests, and brand affinities. Launch your digital activations and collect declared and enriched data that returns the most significant characteristics and the percentage of audience members who share those values.

Analyze Subsegments

Create advanced queries that search by multiple attributes or audience membership. Get deep, precise data around your consumer segments and learn how to personalize your marketing in the ways that really matter.

See for Yourself

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