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>The sheer volume and frequency of social content can be overwhelming. But, with Zoomph’s Social Media Manager you can tackle all of that with just a single tap of a button. Using our clean, centralized moderation interface, you can interact with your audiences and moderate every piece of content that gets streamed through your visuals. Our Social Media Manager app is available for free on iOS and Android and supports multiple social media channels making the process of moderation easy and seamless for you.

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Curate Stories

Get the same, easy-to-use Curation features of the Zoomph platform, available for anywhere, anytime access.

Power Events

Just like the Zoomph Curation platform, Zoomph Social Manager updates content in real-time, allowing each member of your trusted team to stay in-synch during live events.

Real-time Engagement

Curate for your Zoomph Event Displays right from the conference or tradeshow floor, so audience and fan content stays engaging, and always stays real-time.

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